Custom-Made Grillz

Custom Grillz

Bedford Dental Group is proud to announce a partnership with famed jewelry designer Dolly Cohen to offer custom-made Grillz and gold or diamond crowns for teeth. Cohen is based in Paris and has custom-manufactured pieces of jewelry for such celebrities as Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Drake, and many others. She maintains an impeccable ethic of quality and craftsmanship, refusing to make the same piece twice. All her jewelry is handmade and customized to fit the teeth and jaw of the wearer. Her Grillz are made of chromium chromate, and for gold teeth, she uses yellow or white 18K gold.

Custom Grillz

Using his unparalleled technical skill, Dr. Naysan will ensure that your Dolly Cohen jewelry is installed perfectly. Not only should the jewelry achieve the intended aesthetic effect, it should be comfortable to wear. Whether you’re a performer adding some flash to your act or you’re simply seeking a new look, Dr. Naysan at Bedford Dental Group can work in coordination with Dolly Cohen to craft the perfect tooth jewelry for you. Schedule an appointment today to start exploring your options.

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