5 Actors With Bad Teeth (2023)

More often than not, if you run into a celebrity, you’re going to notice that they have an amazing set of pearly whites, an amazing smile that can usually set off a room, no matter if they’re a leading woman or man, or a character actor or actress. But there are plenty of actors with bad teeth who practice their trade and make it big – and they don’t do anything about their quirky set of teeth. Like Owen Wilson’s crooked nose, it becomes a part of their brand, their trademark.

A part of our brand at Bedford Dental Group is giving everybody who walks through our doors the chance to have a celebrity-grade smile. When patients walk through our doors, they might say they want the David Beckham, or the Tom Cruise as a joke, not knowing that each celebrity with a perfect grill has undergone their own procedures and has traveled a long road of practicing oral health and working with a skilled dentist in order to obtain their million dollar smile. So the same can be done for you!

Hollywood Actors With Bad Teeth

Today, however, we are going to discuss some of these actors that probably won’t be mentioned when somebody comes to our offices looking to improve their smile. These are some actors who have made their living off of an imperfect set of teeth.

1. Steve Buscemi’s Teeth

Steve Buscemi's Teeth

It is said that Steve Buscemi read the script for Fargo and was surprised when he read the description of his character as “weird looking”. He was taken aback. He had never considered himself to be “weird looking.” But  Steve Buscemi’s Teeth got him some amazing roles, working with the age’s very best directors. Because he is an amazing actor, he is able to step into various roles and maintain his position as one of the busiest actors of his generation.

2. Anna Paquin’s Teeth

Anna Paquin's Teeth

True Blood alum Anna Paquin isn’t ashamed of her teeth. She refuses to get rid of the space between her front teeth and chooses to embrace it, which never impeded her from landing amazing roles in amazing films as well as TV shows. Trust us, she’s never alone on date night. As a matter of fact, some people are intensely attracted to people with gaps or spaces in between their upper front teeth. We love Anna Paquin’s Teeth just the way they are, but we’re here if she ever needs us. We’d love to add her to our long list of celebrity clientele at Bedford Dental Group.

3. Eddie Murphy’s Teeth

Eddie Murphy Teeth

Eddie Murphy, the comedy legend, has always embraced his unique charm, including the distinctive gap between his upper front teeth. His magnetic charisma and comedic brilliance effortlessly complement this feature. After all, a good laugh has the power to make any imperfection endearing. Eddie Murphy’s teeth, much like his humor, are an integral part of his iconic persona.

4. Woody Haralson’s Teeth

Woody Haralson's Teeth

Woody Harrelson’s journey in the entertainment world began with a modest role in Cheers, but it has blossomed into one of the most diverse and expansive careers of his generation. Known for seamlessly transitioning between comedic characters like in Kingpin and intense, dramatic roles as seen in True Detective and Out of the Furnace, Woody Harrelson is a true chameleon in the industry. His versatility extends even to his unique dental feature—an endearing gap between his front teeth. Woody Harrelson’s teeth, much like his acting prowess, have become a signature part of his unmistakable charm.

5. Madonna’s Teeth

Madonna's Teeth

Madonna, the Queen of Pop, stands out not just for her groundbreaking music and style but also for her iconic tooth gap. This distinctive feature has become as much a part of her signature look as her ever-evolving fashion and musical styles.

Madonna’s gap-toothed smile is a refreshing departure from the cookie-cutter beauty standards often seen in Hollywood. It’s a testament to her unapologetic embrace of individuality and self-expression. In an industry where celebrities frequently succumb to the pressures of looking ‘perfect,’ Madonna’s decision to flaunt, rather than conceal, her dental gap speaks volumes about her confidence and self-acceptance.

This small space between her front teeth has, in many ways, become symbolic of Madonna’s career and persona. It’s a visual reminder of her willingness to stand out, to challenge norms, and to pave her own path. Throughout her career, Madonna has been a chameleon of style, constantly reinventing herself while maintaining a core essence that is unmistakably her. Her tooth gap is a part of that essence, a physical trait that aligns perfectly with her message of embracing one’s uniqueness.

These celebrities prove that you can look amazing just the way you are and that the best version of you has a lot more to do with the way you carry yourself through life than it does with having flawless looks. But if you are interested in improving your smile, a better set of teeth are far from unreachable.

Contact Bedford Dental Group today and we’ll discuss your ambitions and determine the best course of treatment to achieve your personal goals.

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