Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Maintaining your oral health is an important part of total health, and total health comes with a wide range of physiological benefits. These benefits include a longer lifespan, increased independence in old age, and a better chance at protecting our quality of life. However, those are not the only reasons we choose to pursue healthier lifestyles. Let’s look at the top benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

The reality is that the cosmetic effects of good health are often more appealing than the long-term physical benefits. We want to look good, and we want people to see us as someone who takes care of themselves. We associate those things with confidence and success, so you shouldn’t feel ashamed if this sounds familiar. All of these same benefits, the physical and the social can come with cosmetic dentistry. These are the specifics.

You Can Smile Freely

All cultures are different, but American culture elevates the smile. We are expected to smile at friends, co-workers, and even strangers all day. In our society, a willing smile is treated as a sign of good will. It is used to indicate your confidence and ease in social situations. Unfortunately, our society does not treat all smiles as equal.
Smiles damaged by injury or decay often do not get the same positive reaction. It’s a shame, and it really shouldn’t matter. Unfortunately, that isn’t the reality for many people. After years of negative reactions, many people with damaged smiles instinctively begin to hide their teeth and shy away from smiling.

You Will Feel More Confident

It sounds so vain, but we’re social creatures. Getting something like porcelain veneers in Beverly Hills can immediately improve the way people react to you when you smile or speak. All of that new, positive reinforcement can do wonders for your self-confidence.
It won’t change overnight, but if you give it time you’ll notice a big difference. Of course, you should continue to work on your innate sense of self-worth, but it is easier with a little external validation.

People Will Be More Drawn to You

In a perfect world, we would base our views of others on the content of their hearts and minds. To a certain extent many people do, but they need to actually get to know a person first. When it comes to meeting new people, making friends, and even forming romantic relationships, appearance is often the initial draw.
Physical attractiveness may be the primary draw in some cases. In others it may be the signals that we associate with goodness, such as kind eyes and a nice smile. Fortunately, your dentist in Beverly Hills can help you with that last part, opening up new opportunities.

You Will Have Strong, Healthy Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about looks. Before you even look at your cosmetic options, your dentist will help to get your oral health back on track. If you experience dental anxiety, feel free to ask about sedation dentistry.
By the time you’re done with everything, you’ll have healthy teeth that look as good as they feel. Of course, to keep them that way you’ll want to maintain your oral health routine, and see your dentist every six months for a check-up.

You Can Heal

There are a lot of ways to damage a smile. Sometimes the damage is just the result of a bit of decay here and there thanks to imperfect dental hygiene, but it can also be much more complicated. Poverty, lack of access to healthcare, and physical trauma can all leave scars that mar a smile.
In these cases, cosmetic dentistry can be the first step in the healing process. It can relieve you from the burden of seeing the evidence of your past every day, which can help some patients to move on. It isn’t automatic or guaranteed, but it can help.

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