Which Celebrities Have Used Cosmetic Dentistry?

Just like most celebrities aren’t born overnight, the same goes for their smiles. A lot of celebrities have had to go through cosmetic dental surgeries (some multiple) to get their set of pearly whites shining the way they do on the big screen.
One of the biggest celebrities on the planet, Tom Cruise (you probably know him from Top Gun and the Mission: Impossible franchise, but our favorite role of his continues to be Tropic Thunder), wasn’t born with his perfect smile. That dazzling grin that helps make him a leading man is believed to have been corrected early in his career. Take a look at some pictures from his youth, if you can get your hands on them. We came across one where he’s definitely rocking a snaggle tooth. They are drastically different from that winning set of teeth you see today.
Zac Efron is another noticeable improvement. The star of Neighbors and Neighbors 2 had a noticeable space between his two top front teeth as a kid. He needed some cosmetic dentistry done as well as a whitening before he was ready to sink his teeth into that juicy High School Musical role that made him a household name.
Nicholas Cage is pretty much the Jim Morrison of acting. He’s done some of the best stuff out there and also some of the worst. But he’s never been boring. His teeth have experienced the same marginality. Actually, in preparation for a role in an obscure film that you’ve probably never even heard of (Birdy, 1984) Cage actually had two of his teeth pulled out. If you watch him in Valley Girl, you’ll notice his imperfect teeth have as much character as some of his depictions on film. It’s a far cry from that leading man smile he’s got going on now.
The celebrity ladies aren’t going to get off the hook so easily, either. The exquisite Demi Moore, a woman who has aged like a fine wine, had some less than desirable teeth going on a little over a decade ago, well into her established career. She wanted to make a change, so after much research, she decided that porcelain veneers were the best option for her.
The great singer/performer Celine Dion may have a nearly perfect voice and a stellar smile to go along with it, but (as far as the smile goes) this wasn’t always the case. After non-surgical cosmetic dentistry procedures, her teeth are whiter and appear smaller. Since the 1980s, Celine Dion has made an improvement on her outer image — she’s always been beautiful inside, though!
We could certainly go on and on, but we think we’ve made our point. Celebrities are people just like you. Many of them have had to get some serious work done to achieve their perfect smiles. If they can do it, you can do it, too!

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