When is it Time to Consider an All-on-Four Dental Implant?

Bedford Dental Group specializes in All-on-Four Dental Implants. In essence, All-on-Four answers the question “how few implants would I need to anchor a full row restoration of my teeth?” The answer is a resounding “four”. Thanks to advances in the dental industry, in just four implants Bedford Dental Group can restore a full arch of teeth that might have been lost or required tooth extraction.
So why was this procedure conceived? It can probably be assumed that nobody knows the true hassle and time commitment of owning and wearing a set of dentures until they have to get dentures themselves. The idea of keeping a set of dentures in a fizzy tumbler on your nightstand is a bit outdated, and there are now procedures that offer far more permanent and natural-looking solutions than old-fashioned dentures.
So let’s move on to another question. Who are the types of people who would need an All-on-Four procedure?
We can get the obvious out of the way. When people get old, their regenerative capabilities start to wane. In previous generations, folks didn’t have the tremendous advantage of a booming dental industry with technological advancements and scientific findings happening all the time. A lot of the generation that might need to invest in a full restoration of teeth might not have even known the importance of brushing and flossing regularly. So, these types of people are going to be the most obvious to benefit from the All-on-Four treatment.
However, we find that a number of folks from all walks of life might actually benefit from an All-on-Four procedure. People who lose their teeth due to decay, or people who are missing all or most of their teeth would be ideal candidates for the All-on-Four treatment.
What some people don’t understand is that tooth loss can lead to more tooth loss. Your teeth, bone and gums are a remarkably cohesive system. You lose one tooth and that part of your bone starts to disintegrate, because your tooth is no longer there to promote pressure and friction that stimulates the underlying bone.
People can lose their teeth for a number of reasons. You might be a hockey player and take a puck to the grill. You might play hoops and take a wicked elbow to the jaw. Unfortunately, there are those of us who fall through the cracks in this world. It can be very common for a person who was addicted to synthetic drugs to have tooth decay, particularly methamphetamines. Maybe an accident happened. Maybe you made some mistakes. But you shouldn’t have to be reminded of it every day. And you should be able to get better and move on. All-on-Four is a fantastic procedure that will give those who need a full arch restoration a new lease on life.
Contact Bedford Dental Group today to learn more about the All-on-Four dental implant procedure and how it can change your life today.

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