What Should You Do After a Root Canal?

Having a root canal is usually a dreaded procedure, but once it is over, you should know how to adjust and move on with the rest of your life. Taking precautionary actions from coping with the pain to guidelines for chewing, sleeping and normal activities, will allow you to avoid much of the discomfort patients can experience after having a root canal.
In nearly every case, you are going to feel pain on some level for a number of days after a root canal has been completed. Swelling and other types of sensitivities are normal in almost every patient, so there is no reason to be concerned. Regular over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin can solve the problem safely and effectively by keep the swelling down and lessening the sensitivity in the tooth area.
You should cut down on chewing a lot of solid foods, as you will exacerbate the pain and give your mouth less of a chance to heal correctly. Putting your tooth under a great deal of stress could lead to contamination and possible breakage if it becomes too fragile. You should observe regular brushing and flossing habits to prevent any bacteria buildup and to maintain a healthy mouth. Seeing your dentist for follow-ups is a must!
Your dentist will likely recommend sleeping with your head elevated as part of your root canal treatment at home which will help relieve some of the pressure. Eating soft foods is recommended, along with avoiding extremely hot or cold foods and drinks. When your mouth is in such a sensitive state, you don’t want to add any more discomfort to the equation. In some cases, your doctor will suggest antibiotics for the recovery period.
During the recovery period after a root canal, it is best to avoid alcohol and nicotine entirely. In the case of alcohol, it can make the healing process drag on much longer when drinks are consumed in the days following the procedure. Smokers are advised to avoid cigarettes entirely for the days after the procedure, so you can heal faster. Finally, avoiding intense exercise is recommended after you have a root canal procedure. Due to your body being in a more fragile state than normal you do not want to add unnecessary stress by tampering with the healing process via rigorous exercise.
Bedford Dental Group specializes in safe procedures and recommends all noted facts and necessary precautions for a fast and safe recovery. Our dental professionals will make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk into our office so don’t waste another minute by holding back on having a healthy mouth and smile! If you have any more concerns about what you should do after a root canal, contact us!

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