What is Anti-Aging Dentistry?

Anti-Aging Dentistry
Here at Bedford Dental Group we always like to remind our patients that staying on top of their oral health is a great stepping stone in enhancing their overall health. But there are many more benefits to staying on top of your oral health plan. Dental hygiene procedures, whether they be a cleaning, whitening, fixing a misaligned bite, or treating a misshapen tooth, provide a host of benefits for our patients, including anti-aging effects!

Look Younger, Feel Healthier

As we get older, our bodies change. Our faces also change in the process, which drives some people to counter with plastic surgery or aesthetic enhancement procedures. But what if we told you that dental work is often a less-expensive and less-invasive approach to shedding years from your appearance?
We understand that you want to look your best. As a leading dentist in Beverly Hills, we see and work with many celebrities who never seem to age. A big part of that is because they take advantage of teeth whitening procedures in addition to other beneficial cosmetic dentistry procedures we provide, which yield youth-extending effects.

A Variety of Anti-Aging Dental Procedures

Changing your jaw’s appearance can play a big role in making your lips appear more full, even ridding your face of fine lines and wrinkles in the process. We offer porcelain veneers that will enhance the fullness of your smile in the process of correcting bite misalignments. Having a gleaming set of pearly white teeth is a great way to look more youthful.
Dental crowns are another option we offer at Bedford Dental Group, in cases where teeth have experienced more wear and tear than porcelain veneers can remedy. Crowns will correct and protect your teeth, especially after a root canal procedure. Crowns can also be used to treat broken, chipped, and cracked teeth, as well as teeth that have been shaved down due to years of grinding.
Dental implants are another cosmetic dental procedure that we classify as anti-aging. People who have experienced tooth loss will often appear years older than they actually are. Dental implants will keep your surrounding teeth from shifting and make your smile complete again.

Enhance Your Anti-Aging Plan with Bedford Dental Group

When you think about it, it’s simple science. When you’re proud of your teeth, you’re going to smile more easily, which is going to make you look more radiant, vibrant, and youthful. We offer a wide variety of general and cosmetic dental procedures that benefit your appearance and your health. Contact Bedford Dental group today if you’d like to know more about anti-aging dentistry and how it can benefit you.

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