Trench Mouth

Trench mouth: the name sounds kind of nasty, but the real name for trench mouth sounds so much worse than the common one. The real name is necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis. Most people have no idea what this disease is or how they get it. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it can be quite miserable.
Our dentists here at Bedford Dental Group stress the need for good oral hygiene on a regular basis to help keep your teeth and mouth healthy and happy. Poor habits can really cause some serious issues for your mouth which, if not diagnosed and treated quickly and properly, might move on to affect other parts of your body.
One of these diseases is called trench mouth. Trench mouth is usually the result of poor oral hygiene habits. It is a very bad infection that is caused by the germs that live in the plaque on your teeth. People like smokers, starving (malnourished) children, and young adults seem to develop this disease more easily than others. If there is an immunodeficiency issue present it may cause the disease to develop as well. Increased physical stress, as well as emotional stress can also help the development of this nasty mouth problem.
If you notice any of the following symptoms please call and make an appointment with your dentist right away as the quicker you get a correct diagnosis, the faster it can be treated and eliminated from your system. The symptoms include, but are not limited to, bad breath, a bad taste in your mouth that won’t go away, or a grayish film on the gums themselves. Once it develops further, you might get painful, small sores all over your mouth, too. A trained and certified dental professional can help with the determination of the disease as well as the treatment options available.

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