Today is World Kiss Day!

world kiss day at bedford dental group
Pucker up for that special someone this week, whether it be the source of romance in your life, or just a person who could use a little extra affection. July 6th 2017 is World Kiss Day!

Kissing and Telling

A kiss can be characterized by the act of pressing one’s lips against someone else’s, or an alternate part of the body (nose, cheek, etc.). Cultural connotations of kissing vary widely. A kiss might express sentiments of love, passion, intimacy, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, even good luck. The “kiss of death” might also be given by a mafioso boss or capo, signifying that the recipient of said kiss is marked for execution, usually coming as the result of some sort of betrayal. So a kiss can mean a lot of things globally.

Kissing on an International Level

The idea behind World Kiss Day (also referred to as International Kissing Day) is to give focus and appreciation to the act of kissing. Many people unknowingly deprive themselves of the simple pleasures associated with kissing for kissing’s sake. Kissing is generally used as a mere social formality, or even a prelude to other activities. Take the act of kissing back today!

Enhance Your Smile (and Therefore Your Kiss) with Bedford Dental Group

Kissing can be an enjoyable experience in and of itself. But there are measures one should take before they go around showing the love. Here at Bedford Dental Group, we encourage our patients to hold themselves to their biannual check-ups in addition to practicing the excellent brushing and flossing habits we enforce here. We make it our business to educate our patients about the ways they can keep their smile bright, shiny, and healthy.

Start with a Cleaning!

Schedule a routine cleaning and increase your kissability. We remove and treat the following:

  • Plaque
  • Tartar
  • Calcium deposits

We also provide a full examination of teeth and gums, rigorously checking for cavities and other potential dangers. We finish the process off with a nice polishing to discourage future plaque generation and build-up.

Stick with Your Check-Ups

It’s easy to skip out on your scheduled check-ups, but you’re not helping yourself or anybody else on World Kiss Day if you don’t stay on top of them. Forget about unpleasant experiences with dentists in the past. Dr. Naysan specializes in general and cosmetic dental procedures for the entire family, and we create an innovative and supportive environment where our patients achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted.
Call today to schedule your check-up, your dental cleaning in Los Angeles, or any other dental procedure you might need. Happy World Kiss Day, folks!

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