Three Ways to Give Your Valentine a Smile Boost

Valentine's Day Teeth
Bedford Dental Group sees a lot of patients each year who are trying to upgrade their smile. We tend to see an influx of patients during lifetime achievement events, award galas, and special holidays where people naturally want to look their best. Valentine’s Day is no exception.
Looking your best has more than a little bit to do with your smile.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

We all know what most people are thinking this V Day — cards, rose, chocolates, you know the drill. Large numbers of the population are also looking for less obvious avenues this lover’s holiday. Destination and experience purchases are becoming more and more of a sought-after option. But expeditions and mini vacations book up quickly. It’s a lot of time to set aside.
Improving your significant other’s smile is a thoughtful gift idea that will surely stand out without your special someone having to make significant schedule changes.

Consider Bedford Dental Group

Often, our dental insurance coverage only goes so far each year. This Valentine’s Day, a day when many patients want to look their best, give your special someone a smile upgrade, instead of the expected bouquet or candy assortment.

Smile Upgrade Options

Teeth whitening is an obvious option for a quick treatment that will make a considerable impression on your smile. It’s important to get your teeth whitened from an experienced professional, like Dr. Naysan. Avoid overpriced over-the-counter teeth whitening options that claim to be legit while you’re perusing at the grocery store.
Invisalign is a fantastically discrete way to improve a patient’s smile with very little inconvenience. Maybe your special someone would like to make considerable improvements in their smile over time. You can set the whole thing up for them so they don’t look vain. They’ll appreciate the effort!
Is your special someone keeping you up at night with their snoring? asserts that 30% of people aged thirty and above are snorers. This number increases to 40 % when people get to middle age. You can gift your Valentine and yourself restful sleep with our custom-made snore guards. Not only do snore guards curb snoring, they also reduce the risk of stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Your Friendly Neighborhood 90210 Dentist

Call Bedford Dental Group today to schedule your Valentine’s smile boost consultation. We’ll treat you and the people you love with care and compassion, as we help our patients achieve winning smiles.

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