Teeth Whitening Tips

We’ve all seen the “tips” online or in the newspaper about great ways to whiten your teeth. They might include over-the-counter products, or they might be as simple as using hydrogen peroxide or baking soda – instead of toothpaste – to clean your teeth. These seem like simple, easy ways to get rid of yellow teeth, however the American Dental Association recommends that you consult with your dentist before using a teeth whitening agent.
The reason for this recommendation is likely that a cosmetic dentist is trained to use these products. They know how to use the agents, how long to leave them on, what possible side effects they might have, and they definitely know that every person’s teeth can react differently to various whitening agents.
Fully trained cosmetic dentists, such as the ones at Bedford Dental Group, can examine your tooth fillings, stains, and even dental implants and crowns. With this pre-whitening exam, the dentist can decide whether teeth whitening agents will actually help whiten your teeth or whether a different treatment plan may be best for you.
For example, did you know that whitening products don’t work on crowns and fillings? The crowns and filings in your mouth were colored to match your current teeth. If you have fillings in the front of your mouth, ones that show when you smile, it might be better to remove the old fillings, whiten you teeth, and then put in new porcelain fillings that match your whiter teeth. Of course, the dentist is the best one to explain the various treatment plans and help you choose the one that is right for you.
Before you decide to try some of the ubiquitous tricks and hints for teeth whitening, consult with a certified and trained cosmetic dentist. The visit might just save you both time and money by developing your own custom and comprehensive treatment plan. At Bedford Dental Group, we offer teeth whitening in Beverly Hills to celebrity and everyday clientele alike. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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