Spring Break and Dental Tourism

The past few weeks students from universities across the country have been enjoying spring break. Spring break itself is not one set week recognized across the country. Could you imagine such a thing? Every single college student frollicking about for the same week. Seems like it’d be a logistical nightmare every year.
Instead, spring break is enjoyed at different times for different schools, some starting as early as the first week of March, others waiting until about mid-April to get their summertime sneak previews in.
What do spring and spring break represent? Rebirth of flora, the passing of winter weather, and a week dedicated to enjoying the change. Some students use their spring break to travel, or go on a cruise. Many folks use this time of year as an excuse to visit an exotic locale.
That’s why we’d like to talk about Dental Tourism, which is quite popular for us here at Bedford Dental Group during spring break and beyond.

What is Dental Tourism?

Bedford Dental Group specializes in dental tourism dentistry, which gives us the ability to serve the needs of domestic and international clients alike. We see patients from Beverly Hills to Qatar, from Russia to Japan.
Some people utilize dental tourism to get an innovative procedure not offered in their home country. Someone might also seek an oral health specialist with world renown, like Dr. Naysan, and therefore travel here to Beverly Hills to glean his expertise.

Dentistry with a Little Luxury, Right Here in Beverly Hills

We’re here for our international patients just like we’re here for our Angelenos. People travel far and wide for our level of luxury and cutting-edge techniques. We’re ready and able to serve a wide patient base from across the US and across the globe.
Bedford Dental Group Signature Amenities Include:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Comfortable Chairs
  • City Views
  • Fun, Eclectic, Ambient Music
  • Soundless Capabilities (Noise-Cancelling Headphones)
  • Movies Shown in the Procedure Room
  • Sedation, Lifestyle Coach
  • Master Breathworker on Site

And Much More Amenities!

Once You Land, Your Oral Health is in the Best of Hands

Our level of service doesn’t just have to do with dentistry. Bedford Dental Group has the resources to set you up with expert travel coordinators. Cuisine, leisure activity, top notch entertainment — we can arrange for your plans to be made for you!
Maybe focusing on your oral health this spring break is not the ideal. But it is a fantastic time to get some good work done towards creating a celebrity-grade smile. If that’s on the agenda, we can also help you achieve that any time of year. Call (310) 278-0600 to schedule your initial consultation with Bedford Dental Group today.

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