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Smile Makeover Beverly Hills

Look And Feel 100 Percent Better About Your Smile

A smile makeover from Dr. Naysan in Beverly Hills can help you look and feel 100 percent better. Numerous patients are affected by gapped, crooked, cracked, missing teeth, or other aesthetic imperfections. Regardless of the case, you can benefit from a smile makeover.

Treatment options for aesthetic problems include porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, dental bonding, teeth whitening, and more.

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Your Initial

During a smile makeover consultation, a thorough examination of your teeth will be conducted. This includes photographs, and an impression created of your bite. Your treatment goals will also be discussed, including your expectations for your new smile.

As your cosmetic dentist, we will work with you to fully understand your personal goals and deliver the results you expect. Our treatment plan is based on information we have received during the consultation, ensuring you will recover a confident smile.

If you are looking to have a smile makeover from an experienced cosmetic dentist, call our office today to arrange your consultation with Dr. Naysan.


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“The best Dentist in Beverly Hills! His staff is friendly, courteous, and professional! Dr Naysan has been my dentist for years! Have one of the best smiles in LA because of him!”

Mara M

Dr. Naysan has placed hundreds of implants for patients in Beverly Hills and throughout the Los Angeles area. He provides natural-looking, fully functional
restorations to patients of every stripe. Each patient is treated like a celebrity, given expert time and detailed attention to ensure their new and improved smile will look fantastic for years to come. His patients enjoy a lifetime with their improved, healthier smiles at a reasonable price.

“Because of your smile,
you make life more beautiful”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Dr. Daniel Naysan DDS

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