Side Effects of Skipping Dental Visits

Some people fear going to the dentist, while others loathe it. Everybody needs a little bit of motivation to commit to a regular dentist appointment. One of the most effective ways that our dentist in Beverly Hills helps patients stay on track with their oral health is by reminding them of the worst side effects of skipping dental visits.

Side Effects of Skipping Dental Visits

From tooth decay to infection, to total tooth loss, many drastic effects can occur when you skip your important dental appointments. Take a look at the most shocking things that can happen when you skip your dental appointment too many times in a row.

Tooth Decay

Everything we eat and drink puts us at risk of tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when the outermost surface of the teeth, known as the enamel, starts to wear away. Acids caused by foods and sugars can weaken enamel, exposing the more sensitive parts of the tooth below. Bacteria left behind by unhealthy food particles can also cause decay in the mouth. Tooth decay can spread rapidly if there is no daily healthcare routine in place.
Ultimately, tooth decay can advance to the innermost layers of the teeth, where the pulp and nerves are located. This will cause a serious infection that may only be healed through tooth extraction.

Tartar and Plaque

All of that bacteria that builds up in your mouth doesn’t just come from the foods and drinks you eat. It can also develop on your teeth as you sleep and as you breathe. Where the bacteria comes from is less important; what is most important is brushing it away before it hardens into plaque and tartar. These harmful substances harden on the surface of your teeth, getting rid of enamel and causing several health issues with your gums. The more it builds up, the harder it is to get off – even with professional aid.

Tooth Loss

If an infection spreads too deeply into your tooth, there is no way to save it. It is important to keep your regular dentist appointments so that the signs of infection can be caught early on. The more you avoid your dentist, the worse your symptoms can get, putting one or more of your teeth at stake. A bad dental infection can result in tooth loss. In the worst-case scenario, your dentist may need to perform a root canal or tooth extraction procedure.

Heart Disease

You may not think that dental health is linked with heart disease, but an extensive list of health problems stem from originating issues in the mouth. Poor oral health is caused by bacteria that spread through the teeth and gums, causing infection.
The gums provide a direct path to the bloodstream, making it easy for an infection to spread to the rest of the body. This can cause inflammation in the veins and arteries, leading to a possible diagnosis of heart disease. Again, missing a dental appointment could end up giving you disastrous problems over time.

Get Your Oral Health in Shape ASAP!

Do you have a dentist appointment scheduled soon? If not, get out your calendar immediately! It is important that you visit your professional dentist at least twice a year for a checkup and deep cleaning.
The longer you put off visiting the dentist, the worse the state of your teeth can get, leading to some serious health effects. Get in touch with our professionals today to learn about the best dental treatments in Beverly Hills that work for you. Stay on top of your teeth and get a checkup for the betterment of your overall health!

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