Shout Out to Beverly Hills, a Place We Love to Be

Today at Bedford Dental Group we’d thought we’d give a shout out to Beverly Hills, the fantastic area we call home. Beverly Hills is a city infamously known for its bespoke luxury experiences, services, and products. BH celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014.

Welcome to Beverly Hills

From iconic neighborhoods to boutique and luxury five-star hotels, five-diamond retreats, and everything in between it’s easy to fall in love with the area. Inhabitants and visitors luxuriate with lavish spa treatments round the clock, indulge in world-renowned shopping and cuisine along famously-named Rodeo Drive, catching a glimpse of a celebrity or any one of society’s elite at any number of star-studded gala events.

The City of ‘Wellth” derived this catchy term from the word ‘wealth,’ which refers to a large amount of money, bounty, or possessions and other forms of riches.
But for us, and for Love Beverly Hills, ‘WELLTH’ represents a new, less materialistic (and far more valuable) life currency that has more to do with wellness. It’s exemplified by health, purpose, and overall happiness. One can achieve true WELLTH by incorporating these five core building blocks:

  • Movement
  • Eating Healthy
  • Restoration
  • Gratitude
  • Exploration

But Beverly Hills is a Little Bit About Wealth, Too

With so many things going on in real time in Beverly Hills, we thought we’d take a moment to go over some interesting history and facts about this place.

Beverly Hills is Home To The Most Expensive Store In The World

The House of Bijan (costing upwards of $12 million) is officially the most expensive store in the world — located on Rodeo Drive. You actually have to make a reservation to shop here. Customers spend $10,000 a visit on average. They have socks that cost $50, suits in the upwards of $15,000, and an amber-colored crystal chandelier (made from over 1,000 Bijan perfume bottles).
The names who visit: President Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, Schwarzenegger, Tom Ford, Jay Z, and countless others.

Beverly Hills Has the World’s First 24-hour Cupcake ATM

Sprinkles Cupcakes (the Food Network declared “world’s first cupcake bakery”) is one of the more trendy cupcake brands (cupcakes never go out of style), and available 24/7 with the world’s first “cupcake ATM” at their Bakery. The ATM is bakery-adjacent at 9635 S Santa Monica Blvd, which is two blocks west of famous Rodeo Drive.

Beverly Hills is Among the Safest Places in the World

Beverly Hills Police Department have a one minute response time. We all know the traffic in Beverly Hills is quite a nightmare at times, so this is a great response time! Thanks, BHPD!

Many Movies Have Been Shot At the Famous Greystone Mansion

Greyhouse is an official park located in Beverly hills that requires and advance tour reservation. The average person can enter and explore the first floor of the Greyhouse, but filmmakers get to have a run of the place. Film shoots occur here frequently at this sought-after designated historical landmark. View lush English gardens. Films like The Bodyguard, Rush Hour, The Big Lebowski, and There Will Be Blood contain key scenes that were shot here. The gothic neoclassical style mansion cost over 3 million to build and was also the site of wealthy heir Edward “Ned” Doheny’s murder. It was once the most expensive house in California, but we all know that this distinction tends not to stick for very long around these parts.

The Beverly Hills Area Is The Richest Per-Capita Zip Code Area In The Nation

Though we all know the famous zip code 90210 (made famous by the TV show), Beverly Hills is also served by 90211, 90212, and 90213. It’s still considered among the finest areas to live in Los Angeles, which is known to go through frequent, constant evolution.
An average home in Beverly Hills costs just over $1.1 million. It requires a high income to live in the area. Cost of living in Beverly Hills was found to be 163.40% higher than the U.S. average. But for those who don’t have the kind of income to rationalize living in such a luxurious place, you can always sojourn into the community for the day. One of the great reasons to visit Beverly Hills remains Bedford Dental Group. Call today to schedule your next visit.

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