Reasons You Might Be Worried About Seeing Your Dentist

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It is so important to have a dentist you can trust. Dr. Naysan has a keen ability to distil complex procedures into simple language so that the patient can understand exactly what is going on.

Take Anxiety out of Your Dental Visit Equation

We don’t doubt there are people who look forward to coming in for their biannual checkup with Bedford Dental Group. That’s because we give our patients the total VIP experience, personalized care that sets itself apart from the rest of the smile makeover noise in Beverly Hills.
Dental anxiety statistics yield some convincing evidence that many people dread their next dental visit, no matter if it’s a major procedure or a checkup. Dental phobia and anxiety related to your dental visit are common. An estimated 9-15% of Americans avoid seeing their dentist altogether out of anxiety. That’s about 30-40 million people not getting the concentrated care they need. The British Dental Health Foundation conducted a survey and found that 36% of those who didn’t see a dentist regularly blamed that fear and anxiety as the primary reason.

Reasons You Might Be Hesitant to See Your Dentist:

  • You could have had a negative experience at the dentist, whether you experienced pain or felt neglected. Insensitive comments could have been made during your visit. There could even be that specific smell that you associate with the dentist and avoid like the plague. The sound of dental tools could be another trigger.
  • You could feel helpless or like you don’t have any control in the situation while being confined to the chair. You can’t speak freely or communicate like normal. Dental precautions like wearing a glove and mask might seem impersonal. Maybe your dentist (bless their heart) doesn’t have the best bedside manner.
  • You might also be embarrassed about the condition of your teeth. Maybe you’ve neglected your checkups and routine brushing and flossing
  • A friend might have had a recent negative experience that might spur your fears. You might also fear what you don’t know, including the various procedures your dentist uses, which might have changed a little since you’ve last been in to see your dentist.

Here are some ways that you can put your fears and dental anxiety to rest:

  • Express your fears and worries to your dentist. Try to explain why you’re nervous. This will help your dentist do everything they can to help you relax.
  • Understand the steps of your procedure or treatment. Remember that whole fear of the unknown thing. Sometimes educating yourself on a matter can give you comfort.
  • Make sure that you schedule your next dental visit with Bedford Dental Group when you are not under pressure or rushed in any way. That can mean early morning, late afternoon, or even Saturday may be the best time if you don’t work at this time or attend school during the week.
  • Ask your dentist if he or she has music and headphones to ease your mood, especially if you’re skittish at the sound of drilling.
  • You and your dentist might also agree on hand signals to help communicate. That way you can express yourself during treatment.
  • Deep breathing or a personal meditation can help: thinking about a favorite activity or place, for instance.

Bedford Dental Group can completely reset your beliefs regarding dental visits and dental treatments. We make it our business to create a wholly unique experience for our patients. We incorporate advanced, experience-forward techniques which target all five of the senses.
We incorporate diffusers (aromatherapy) if desired. We have comfortable chairs, a gorgeous city view, fun, eclectic music, headphones to mute sound, movies in the procedure room, sedation, a lifestyle coach and master breathworker on site, and much more amenities to offer our patients.
We have doctors (including Dr. Naysan) who have extensive experience and stand tall as leaders in their field. We have the best bedside manner that will make you feel comfortable. Contact Bedford Dental Group today, and we’ll put your dental anxiety to rest.

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