Reasons to Choose a High-Tech Dental Office

High-Tech Dental Office
High-tech dental offices have many innovations that make dental care faster and more convenient, both for the patients as well as the dentist. Choosing a dental office with the latest technology can make visiting the dentist much less daunting.

They use panoramic x-rays for a full, instant picture of the patient’s mouth

Panoramic radiography, or panoramic x-rays, can give dentists an even better idea of what is inside a patient’s mouth. The machine rotates around the head of the patient to create one single image. There’s no need for the uncomfortable x-ray material inside the patient’s mouth as they wait for the machine to finish. The panoramic x-ray shows teeth, upper and lower jaws, and surrounding structures and tissues, which allows dentists to make more informed plans in regards to treatment. In fact, with panoramic x-rays dentists can even email the images to colleagues or specialists in the event that consultation is necessary.

Digital radiography gives instant results and is better for the environment

Digital radiography has many advantages. The digital imaging uses less radiation to produce an image, so patients are exposed to less radiation than with a traditional x-ray. Digital x-rays are much safer for patients because of this. The images produced are clearer and give a more detailed view and can be digitally enhanced for clarity.
In addition, employees are not exposed to the toxic chemicals required to develop the film. The digital x-ray images are immediately available in the dental clinic so patients don’t need to wait for results. Digital images are better for the environment as they.use less resources and lower radiation doses.

Bioceramic implants, prosthetic devices, and sealants look better

Dentists can now use bioceramic materials in implants, prosthetic devices, and sealants. These new materials are nontoxic, and are perfect for veneers, crowns, and implants. With these new advances, metals no longer need to be used in the teeth when these high-tech ceramics are used instead.

Paperless records and paperless billing keep you organized

High-tech dental offices have moved toward keeping paperless records, instead relying on digital records. These records are kept on the computer so that papers aren’t being shuffled around the office. It’s also much easier to find patient records quickly as needed, and reduces the risk of misplacing the patient’s information.
For the same reason, electronic billing is used instead of paper billing. Bills and receipts can be sent to patients electronically via email, and going paperless is great for the environment. Having digital copies of bills makes them much easier to find when they are needed, but until then they are out of the way.
When you choose a high-tech dental office, you can take advantage of all of the latest dental technology that’s been implemented to improve your visit and the dentist’s efficiency. With all of these tech upgrades, visiting the dentist is much more enjoyable.

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