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Porcelain Veneers in Los Angeles

A beautiful smile is more than just looking good. It goes a long way in boosting your self-confidence and making a strong impression wherever you go. But not everyone is born with a perfect smile and that’s where porcelain veneers come into play.

Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made covers that fit over your teeth, providing a natural and durable smile makeover. They are a simple yet effective cosmetic dental solution that can correct various dental issues like crooked teeth, stains, chips, and gaps. They not only improve the look of your teeth but also give you the confidence to smile without hesitation in photos and social gatherings.

If you’re looking to boost your smile with porcelain veneers in Los Angeles, Bedford Dental Group has got you covered. We have created some of the most well-known smiles, including those of P. Diddy and Kevin James. With over 17 years in the cosmetic dentistry industry, you can trust that our experts can help you regain your self-esteem using customized porcelain veneers. Book an appointment with us today to discuss your needs and get started.

The Benefits of Getting Porcelain Veneers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is often hailed as the entertainment capital of the world, but its also renowned for its exceptional dental care, particularly in cosmetic dentistry. One of the most sought-after cosmetic dental treatments today is porcelain veneers. Los Angeles is also at the forefront of dental technology and techniques, ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of care.

Our Dental Practice in Beverly Hills is known for working with state-of-the-art technology and spearheading the newest porcelain veneer advances by working closely with AI face mapping technology to find your perfect smile. Dr. Naysan’s extensive knowledge of the latest advancements related to veneers makes it so your smile is not only durable but also indistinguishable from natural teeth.

The Benefits of Dental Veneers

Installing porcelain veneers comes with many benefits – no wonder why it’s a popular choice for people looking to enhance their smile. Some of the key advantages of choosing porcelain veneers include:

Improves Teeth Appearance: Porcelain veneers improve the appearance of your dentition and smile. They are custom-made to cover the front surface of teeth, improving color, shape, size, and length. With veneers, we can help you instantly correct various issues that affect your beautiful smile, such as stains, chips, gaps, or misaligned teeth.

Gives a Natural Appearance: The translucent quality of porcelain veneers imitates the natural appearance of tooth enamel. Veneers made from porcelain reflect light in a similar way to natural teeth, ensuring that they look natural and blend with the surrounding teeth.

Highly Resistant to Tooth Stain: Porcelain veneers are highly resistant to staining compared to natural teeth. So, if you want to maintain a brighter smile without worrying about discoloration from coffee, tea, wine, and other stain-inducing substances, porcelain veneer is a good fit for you. That being said, you should still take carful care of your new veneers.

Durable: Your porcelain veneers can last for many years as long as you care for them properly. They can last for up to a decade or even more. They are made from strong, durable material that can withstand the normal forces of chewing, making them a long-term solution for cosmetic dental issues.

Minimally Invasive: Our porcelain veneers procedure is minimally invasive compared to other cosmetic dental procedures. It typically involves less tooth reduction on the enamel to fit the veneer, preserving the majority of the natural tooth structure.

Highly Customizable: Bedford Dental Group can tailor your porcelain veneers to match your teeth in color, shape, and size to create your desired smile. This level of customization ensures that the results meet your personal expectations and aesthetic goals. We spend hours studying your face to find your perfect proportions.

Boosts Your Self-Confidence: By improving the appearance of your teeth, porcelain veneers can significantly boost your self-esteem and confidence. Many patients report feeling more comfortable smiling, speaking, and engaging in social situations after their cosmetic dental treatment.

Quick Transformation: The process of getting veneers in Los Angeles usually requires only a few visits to the dentist. So, it’s a relatively quick way to transform your smile. Unlike orthodontic treatments that can take months or years, veneers offer an immediate improvement.no

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The Process of Getting Porcelain Veneers in Los Angeles

Installing a porcelain veneer in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be a hassle. All you need is to contact our skilled cosmetic dentist at Bedford Dental Group. With over 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, you can be sure you have the best cosmetic dentist in in Beverly hills handling your porcelain veneers.

Now, let’s go over the basic steps involved in a successful smile makeover using porcelain veneers in Los Angeles.


1. Initial Consultation with a Cosmetic Dentist

Start by selecting a reputable cosmetic dentist who specializes in porcelain veneers. You can check out reviews and testimonials from our previous satisfied clients or our gallery of before-and-after photos. During your initial consultation, the dentist will examine your teeth to determine if you’re a good candidate for veneers. 

2. Planning of the Treatment

Once the dentist decides that dental veneers are the right solution, they create a treatment plan. They talk with you about what you want, including the shape, size, and color of the veneers. They will discuss your aesthetic goals, evaluate your oral health, and may take X-rays or digital scans of your mouth.

3. Preparation of the Tooth

Your dentist might remove about a half-millimeter of enamel from the front of your teeth to fit the porcelain veneer properly. This is a smaller amount compared to what’s removed for other procedures like crowns. It’s important to make sure your dentist prepares your teeth correctly for veneers.

4. Taking of Impressions

The dentist will make molds or take digital impressions of your teeth. The impressions serve as a guide to create veneers that fit your teeth perfectly, capturing details like the height and size. This ensures the veneers will match your surrounding teeth closely.

5. Installing Temporary Veneers

While you’re waiting for the permanent veneers, the dentists may place temporary veneers to protect your teeth. The temporary veneers also allow you adjust to the feel of veneers and give feedback on how they look.

7. Bonding

After any adjustments, the dentist will clean, polish, and etch your teeth to prepare them for bonding. Then they apply a special adhesive and place the porcelain veneers onto your teeth. They also use a light beam to harden the adhesive quickly.

6. Fitting and Adjustments

Once your veneers are ready, you’ll return to the dentist for a fitting. The dentist will temporarily place the veneers on your teeth to check the fit and appearance. They’ll make any to ensure a perfect fit and look.

8. Polishing

Polishing veneers achieves a natural and beautiful appearance. It takes experience and expertise to install and polish the veneers to look as natural as possible. That’s why you need to contact a skilled cosmetic dentist such as Bedford Dental Group .

How Much are Porcelain Veneers in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, the cost of porcelain veneers can range from $600 to $3,000 per tooth. That means a total cost of $12,000 to $65,000 for a full mouth porcelain veneers. However, exactly how much you pay depends on different factors such as the number of veneers, the expertise of the cosmetic dentist, the location, and the materials used.

At Bedford Dental Group, we believe that your financial status should not deprive you of the beautiful smile you deserve. That’s why we provide very easy payment plans to help you ease the financial burden. You can take advantage of our Treat Now, Pay Later package to set up monthly installments to pay for your treatments at your convenience.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

How to Choose the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles


How to Choose the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles?

The success of your porcelain veneers installation and how beautiful it looks largely depends on your choice of dentist. To hire the right cosmetic dentist for your porcelain veneers procedure, make sure you consider these 5 important factors.

  1. Experience and Expertise
  2. Reputation and Referrals
  3. Advanced Techniques and Materials
  4. Personalized Approach
  5. Comprehensive Services
  6. Easy Payment Plans

How to Maintain and Care For Porcelain Veneers

By following these maintenance tips, you can prolong the life of your porcelain veneers and keep your smile looking its best for years to come.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a non-abrasive toothpaste to avoid damaging the veneers. You should also floss daily to remove plaque and food particles from between the teeth and around the veneers. Schedule regular dental check-ups and cleanings to ensure the overall health of your teeth and the condition of your veneers. Make efforts to minimize the consumption of staining agents such as coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco to prevent discoloration of the veneers.

Avoid biting on hard objects or using your teeth to open packages, as this can cause damage to the veneers. If you grind your teeth at night, consider using a mouthguard to protect both your natural teeth and the veneers from damage. If you notice any damage or irregularities with your veneers, seek prompt dental attention to address the issue before it escalates.

FAQ for Porcelain Veneers in Los Angeles

Typically, the veneer process requires two to three visits: one for consultation and planning, one for tooth preparation and impression taking, and another for veneer placement and adjustments.

Porcelain veneers are designed to blend seamlessly with natural teeth, resulting in a natural appearance. Skilled cosmetic dentists ensure that the color, shape, and size of the veneers complement the patient’s smile.

While veneers do not require special maintenance, it is essential to practice good oral hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing, and to attend routine dental check-ups to maintain the health of both the veneers and natural teeth.

No, porcelain veneers cannot be whitened with traditional teeth whitening products. It’s important to choose a shade that you will be happy with long-term, and to maintain them, regular cleaning is necessary.

With proper care, porcelain veneers can last for 10-15 years. However, their longevity depends on factors such as oral hygiene, lifestyle habits, and regular dental care.

Once porcelain veneers are bonded to your teeth, they cannot be removed without being replaced. Removing veneers involves altering your natural teeth, so it’s a permanent decision.

Getting veneers involves a minimally invasive process that is usually not painful. The dentist removes a small amount of tooth enamel to fit the veneers, and they can apply local anesthesia to keep you comfortable.

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“The best Dentist in Beverly Hills! His staff is friendly, courteous, and professional! Dr Naysan has been my dentist for years! Have one of the best smiles in LA because of him!”

Mara M

Find Your Red-Carpet Ready Smile With Our Cosmetic Dentists

For those seeking teeth whitening in Beverly Hills, choosing the right dentist is crucial. It’s important to research and select a dentist with a strong reputation and excellent reviews, experience in cosmetic dentistry, access to the latest dental technologies, and a portfolio of successful teeth whitening cases. At Bedford Dental Group, our cosmetic dentists are trained to perform the Zoom Whitening procedure and can explain how to maintain your teeth in this sparkling white condition. 

Whether you visit our office for teeth whitening in Beverly Hills or for a more complicated procedure under the realm of cosmetic dentistry, we apply our 30 years of experience to each and every situation. At Bedford Dental Group, we treat all of our clients like celebrities and offer the finest oral care to residents throughout Los Angeles. Our premier dental services and gentle-touch dentistry is the preferred choice for stars and everyday clients alike. If you’re ready for a Hollywood smile, schedule your appointment today!

Bedford Dental Group provides natural-looking, fully functional restorations to patients of every stripe. Each patient is treated like a celebrity, given expert time and detailed attention to ensure their new and improved smile will look fantastic for years to come. Our patients enjoy a lifetime with their improved, healthier smiles at a reasonable price.

“Because of your smile,
you make life more beautiful”

Thich Nhat Hanh

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