Oral Health and Your Diet

Your teeth and gum’s health rely largely on your diet and what you choose to put inside of your mouth and in your body. Today, there is a record amount of consumption of unhealthy foods, loads of sugary drinks and snacks, and non-nutritious foods that really take a toll on your oral health.
Proper diet and oral health should start at an early age. The foods you consume growing up, especially when you receive your permanent teeth, are extremely important for your dental health in the future. You only have one set of natural, permanent teeth, and you must make sure you are eating the right foods and drinks to ensure your dental longevity and health.

Sugar’s Impact on Oral Health

Sugar is one of the biggest enemies for your mouth and teeth. When bacteria, or plaque, comes in contact with sugar in your mouth, acids are produced. The acid can then attack your teeth for 20 or more minutes which can eventually lead to tooth decay.
Many foods naturally contain sugar, such as fruits, vegetables, and milk. They should not be removed from your diet based on their natural sugar occurrence but their consumption should be monitored and balanced. The nutrients that they contain are a big health benefit which is why they should still remain a part of your well balanced diet. Added sugars in certain foods are the types we need to be aware of and limit.

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