Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Outside The Box

We know it might not always be at the top of Mom’s list as far as gifts go, but staying on top of oral health can be just as good for a person’s wellness as a deep tissue massage, a facial, manicure or pedicure. Sure, those are far more popular options on Mother’s Day, but Bedford Dental Group would like to urge our patients to think a little bit outside of the box on this one.
Here are a few Mother’s Day gift alternatives for those of you who’d like to go the unexpected route:

Give Mom a Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Instead of buying Mom an e-book or that movie she’s been raving about, why not go the extra mile and purchase a year’s subscription for her. Scribd is one example, a service that markets itself as Netflix for books. It’s only $8.99 a month, and users gain access to thousands of books, which is a great choice if Mom wishes she read more.

Time is Greater Than Money, Always

At Bedford Dental Group we always encourage our patients to go the extra mile, and gift choice should be no exception. If Mom has a collection of photographs that are starting to get unwieldy, maybe it would be a good idea to digitize them. Several programs out there make the process easy, and you can even incorporate Photoshop features into old polaroids and photographs. Start a digital scrap and photo book where all of Mom’s treasures can be conveniently located in one spot.

Bedford Dental Group Has Mother’s Day Options for Oral Health!

Another way to think outside the box is getting Mom a teeth whitening procedure. It might not be the first thought for Mother’s Day, but our Zoom! teeth whitening procedure can take years off of a world-weary set of pearly whites.
We offer services like Zoom! whitening to provide anti-aging services for your smile. Time and wear and tear can diminish tooth enamel. This wears volume and length away, compromising your smile beyond aesthetics.
Dentistry doesn’t often come to mind when it comes to youth-extension services, but a glistening, white smile will certainly make a person look more youthful and reinvigorated. What a perfect gift for you to spring for this Mother’s Day!

Our Zoom! Whitening System:

Zoom! Whitening at Bedford Dental Group takes less than an hour to create gorgeous, lasting results. Zoom! ensures there is no need to re-whiten weeks or months later like other whitening procedures.
We apply a whitening gel on your teeth that is made up of 25% hydrogen peroxide. We then Zoom! lamp activate this hydrogen peroxide gel, inciting the whitening process immediately. Zoom! can be done on any patient over the age of 13, excluding those in the middle of pregnancy. Some individuals might experience manageable sensitivity during the whitening process. With most of our patients the Zoom! procedure is relatively painless.
Treat Mom like the VIP she truly is. At Bedford Dental Group we have had the unique opportunity to work with many A-list stars, able to meet and exceed even the most ambitious desires of our patients. We are happy to extend our experience and superior dental services to you and your family as well, especially Mom. That way when you take her out, she’ll be nothing but smiles.
Zoom! whitening treatments are one of the fastest and most popular services we offer at Bedford Dental Group. All it takes is about the same amount of time as a routine checkup.

Additional Services Mom Might Like:

  • Cleaning — Scheduling and keeping regular, comprehensive dental cleaning visits with Bedford Dental Group never goes out of style. Mom can enjoy cleaner, healthier teeth during her lunch break.
  • Comprehensive Dental Exam — It’s important as we advance in age to have regular screenings twice a year at least. Make sure Mom isn’t postponing her dental checkups or waiting until bigger, costlier complications occur.
  • We offer anti-aging procedures that achieve youth-extending results by augmenting volume back to your natural teeth. We can make Mom’s smile look 15 years younger, boosting self-confidence. We can help rejuvenate Mom’s smile, restoring facial volume, which is a key component to looking fresh and youthful year round.

Give Mom that celebrity smile she deserves with Bedford Dental Group today.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the hardworking, caring mothers, including Dr. Daniel Naysan’s mother, Lisa! We love you, Lisa!

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