Kid Rock May be Running for Senator

Yes, you read that correctly. But before we get all quick to judge, let’s not forget the fact that a long line of celebrities have run for political office after the glitz and glamor of fame have waved bye-bye. Ronald Reagan is a posthumous Republican pillar to this day, and he was in a movie called Bedtime for Bonzo where he played opposite a pet chimpanzee. You no doubt saw the ex-Governator yelling at young kids in Kindergarten Cop before he governed the great state of California or, more recently, before he assumed the role of the host of the new Celebrity Apprentice.
It makes a strange sort of sense that an actor, a person who lives and works in the public eye, might consider a life in politics after their career dries up. With some (like Arnold), they might turn away from the acting game while it’s still going strong in order to pursue a new chapter of public servitude.
So, here at Bedford Dental Group, we are thankful for living in interesting times, times where literally anything can happen. Sure, maybe Kid Rock wouldn’t be the first person to come to mind for a position other than hip-hop’s first (and only) cowboy rapper. But let’s look at this objectively. The guy went from being a notable rapper in Detroit, a place where Eminem cut his teeth (not literally, of course) rhyming, so the guy had to have had something that stood out in such a competitive arena and climate. He might be a little more in touch with the streets than a polished political figure who might live a more insulated life. Kid Rock has also worn many hats (besides those fedoras he insists on wearing). He’s transitioned from a career in rock/hip-hop to alternative country. We know the guy can adapt to new roles if it suits his agenda.
It’s easy to look at a situation like this and judge. Instead, Bedford Dental Group strives to take the high road and pay credit where credit is due. Instead of speaking his views in an interview or during an award speech (in the unlikely event that he were nominated for an award), Kid Rock is saying that he will put his time and energy into running for office. A certain amount of recognition should be in order there. At least this guy wants to do something for his community.

We’re not saying we hope he wins. Michigan has the Flint Water Crisis to think about. They are also fighting for an Equal Pay Act. It’s a city that needs a lot of attention. Either way, we hope that the state of Michigan gets the resources and the voice that it needs.
Bedford Dental Group is home to many celebrities, and we’ll always keep our doors open to new ones. We love the fact that people who are in the public eye come to us to make sure that their smiles are in tip-top shape. Kid Rock can walk through our doors and we’d give him service of a high standard, just like any other of our valued patients. Call today to schedule your checkup. We’re here for the everyday dental work you need and we also stand by in case of emergency, political or personal.

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