It’s National Haiku Poetry Day!

Bedford Dental Group would like to take a time out to recognize that April 17th is National Haiku Poetry Day. We celebrate beauty on a daily basis, and we really do our part to spread beauty throughout our community. The way we do this is by creating winning smiles for each and every patient who trusts us with the responsibility of taking care of their smile and watching over their oral health.
A great smile is a lot like poetry. We’re sure that many poems have been written on the subject of a beautiful smile, or at the very least, we are certain that wonderful smiles inspire great poetry and other forms of art on a daily basis. It’s ironic that the most famous “smile” belongs to the Mona Lisa, and she’s not smiling at all! Our theory is that she didn’t have oral health specialists like Bedford Dental Group to give her award-winning service. She must have been self-conscious. Or maybe she didn’t floss that day. But that’s a mystery for another blog entry.
We thought it’d be fun if we took a whirl at crafting a haiku for our valued patients. Please, any feedback is always welcome, but keep in mind that we’re not Longfellow or Wallace Stevens over here. But we respect art and artists everywhere, because it is extremely hard to do, and even harder to do well.
Here we go:
Smiles are contagious
We make your smile worth catching
Your smile makes us smile
That one took us a while, even if it seems like it might have been constructed by a third grader (of course we mean this as no offense to our third grade readers). Maybe we should try our hand at another haiku. We’ll consider that first haiku a practice haiku. This next haiku is the real one.
A smile is language
And your language dazzles us
Smile bright today, K?
All right, we recognize that this one might have been cheating, since “K” isn’t really a word, but we are haiku purists, so we had to adhere to the 5-7-5 haiku scheme. Okay, so we won’t be quitting our day job anytime soon over here at Bedford Dental Group. What we do best is work with our patients, giving them guidance and laying a foundation of great oral health. We custom tailor our service to suit each individual patient’s needs. We can see the poetry in that. We can see and help enhance the beauty of your smile.
Contact Bedford Dental Group today to stay on top of your beautiful smile. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen us, we can get you back on the right track, enjoying the many benefits that come along with owning a fantastic set of pearly whites. Call us today and we’ll show you everything you need to know. Of course, if you have a haiku that beats ours, we’d be happy to hear about it during your next visit. And happy National Haiku Poetry Day from ours to yours.

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