How Dental Crowns Improve Your Smile

A dental crown can be an important aspect of oral healthcare for those who need one. So let’s look at how dental crowns improve your smile.

How Dental Crowns Improve Your Smile

Essentially, the job of a dental crown is to encapsulate what is left of your tooth to protect it from future decay and breakage.

Of course, the health of your smile is the most important factor, but a natural-looking dental crown does have the added benefit of a visually improved smile.

When Are Dental Crowns Used?

Dental crowns are usually employed when a tooth has been too damaged for a filling to do the job. Fillings are preferable whenever the tooth has the structural stability to support a filling.

However, there are cases where the decay is too extensive to allow a filling to work as a solution. If the damaged tooth is too weak to hold a filling, a crown is generally used to stabilize and protect that tooth.

What Is the Purpose of a Dental Crown?

A dental crown works kind of like a cap.

Once the decayed or damaged tissue is removed, the crown is placed over the remaining tooth. The crown itself completely surrounds what is left of your tooth from the bite surface all the way up to the gumline.

As a result of the dental crown, your cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles will be able to preserve and protect the core of your tooth. The crown becomes the only visible surface that you or anyone else will see when you smile, chew, or talk. Therefore, it’s important for that visible surface to fit with the rest of your smile.

What Are the Aesthetic Benefits of a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is an important dental tool, but it has positive aesthetic side effects. If your tooth has been damaged to the extent that you require a dental crown, then there is going to be visible damage.

To protect your oral health, your dentist will have to remove that damage. While your tooth is technically free of decay at that point, it won’t be visually attractive or very stable. The dental crown can give you the appearance of a complete, healthy tooth.

How Do You Choose a Realistic Dental Crown?

When you get your dental crown in Beverly Hills, you will have a choice of materials. There are metallic options that do not resemble natural teeth. Still, porcelain and resin can be made to look exactly like your surrounding teeth.

These two materials have their different price points, advantages, and approximate life spans, so you will want to discuss your decision with your dentist. However, both options will provide you with the aesthetic appearance you are looking for.

In each case, your crown will not only possess the right color. But it will be carefully manufactured according to the impressions taken by your dentist. As a result, your crown will fit you perfectly to the extent that no one will ever be able to tell that your dental crown is not a real tooth.

How Does a Dental Crown Improve Your General Comfort?

Dental crowns have multiple uses. While their purpose may be varied, the end result is the same. When you get a dental crown, your dentist will remove existing damage. The crown will protect that tooth against further damage. And the crown will restore the outward appearance of your tooth.

Altogether, these factors improve your general comfort and help to maintain your self-confidence so that you can chew, talk, and smile without worrying about the health or appearance of your teeth.

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