Having a Healthy Bite is Invaluable

Dr. Daniel Nasayan and his team of dentists and dental professionals at the Bedford Dental Group are the choice of everyone who wants a Beverly Hills smile at an affordable price (even for our celebrity patients).
But underlying every gleaming smile that gives you confidence in your personal and professional lives should be a healthy bite. Dentistry has only recently become recognized as one of the underappreciated medical specialties. Unless you have gone to dental school, you probably were not told just how important it was to be rigorous in the way you care for your teeth, brushing correctly twice a day for two minutes each and flossing in the proper way once. Please ask us to show you exactly the proper way to do this on your next visit.
Unless the sticky plaque on the teeth that remains from food and beverages is removed each day, it will harden into tartar, which causes cavities and periodontal disease (infection of the gums and jawbone). It is vital to have your teeth professionally cleaned by your dental hygienist with special tools and techniques at least twice a year. Without daily care, a tooth can loosen and if it falls out or needs to be extracted, it will have to be replaced with a dental implant, to avoid misalignment of the other teeth (which lean towards it to fill the empty space). Untreated, that will lead to the loss of more teeth.
Good dental care, the combination of your personal work in collaboration with our help, can actually save your life. Periodontal disease can also spread bacterial throughout the body, raising the risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, as WebMD explains: https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/gingivitis-periodontal-disease#1
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (a mouthful usually called TMJD, TMJ, or TMD) results from tension in the jaw that harms dental health. It can result in pain or discomfort in the entire jaw and face, as well as neck and shoulders, difficulty in opening your mouth wide and closing it, and trouble chewing. We can provide an orthotic split that will help.
As we age, we are prone to more periodontal challenges, due to the cumulative results of small shortfalls in our personal care, as well as family history, the impact of illnesses, side-effects of medications, smoking, and other factors. It becomes increasingly important to come in for checkups for everything from dry mouth (commonly caused by medications and which worsens oral health) to signs of oral cancer.
As we get older, we often find that our teeth have been ground down by tension in our jaws, often while we sleep, known as bruxism. This can be stopped by our creation of a customized night guard, similar to a the mouth guard athletes wear for protection when they play.
Teeth that have been worn down result in a compromised bite and facial features become compressed, leading to sagging jowls, more lines, and wrinkles. Restoring a healthy bite can include crowns on top of teeth, veneers attached to their front, or dental implants.
Call us today to set an appointment for an assessment of your unique oral health needs today.

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