Get the Smile of Your Dreams with Invisalign® at Bedford Dental Group

While everyone dreams of having a straight, beautiful smile, many people don’t like the idea of filling their mouth with wire, metal, and rubber bands. For both adults and teens, treatment with metal braces can be a painful and embarrassing experience.
At Bedford Dental Group, we’re proud to offer our patients Invisalign®, a comfortable, convenient, and discreet alternative to traditional braces. Our Beverly Hills dentists are committed to helping you get the smile of your dreams in the relaxing and comfortable environment of our office. Call us today at (310) 278-0600 to schedule a consultation!

How does the Invisalign® process work?

  1. Find a dentist. The first step to a healthier smile is to contact an experienced Beverly Hills Invisalign® doctor. At Bedford Dental Group, our team of dentists includes Dr. Daniel Naysan, who has been an Invisalign® Premier Provider since 2009.
  2. Make an appointment. At your first appointment, Dr. Naysan and his team will take x-rays, pictures, and impressions of your teeth, which are used to generate a three-dimensional digital image. Our dentists will design a personalized treatment plan, taking time to map out the precise movements of your teeth, and will give you an estimate of how long the treatment will take.
  3. Create a model of your teeth. Once the Invisalign® plan is in place, the model of your teeth will be used to make a series of custom aligners, which are made from a smooth plastic material. This material is BPA-free and is very comfortable, so it won’t irritate your mouth like traditional metal braces.
  4. Adjust your aligners. As your mouth begins to respond to the aligners, you will start wearing a new set roughly every two weeks. For faster and more impactful results, it’s recommended to wear the aligners all day, only removing them to eat and brush your teeth. During this stage, your dentist will check your progress every six weeks and adjust the plan if necessary.
  5. Enjoy your beautiful smile. Once you’re finished with the final set of aligners, you’re finished with Invisalign®! Depending on your unique situation, your doctor may recommend a Vivera® retainer to help keep your teeth in their new positions. Now is the time to show off your beautiful new smile!

Trust your smile to our Invisalign® Premier Providers. Contact Bedford Dental Today at to schedule a free initial consultation .

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