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Whether you need preventive dental care or you need to fix a problem of varying degrees, Bedford Dental Group’s Dr. Naysan can help. We can fix dental emergencies that arise suddenly or chronic oral health issues that have been bothering you for a long time. We can also perform cosmetic dental procedures that can turn a flawed smile into a movie star quality grin in a matter of two or three visits.

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Dr. Fix It Can Help You Get Your Beaming Smile Back

Many patients are affected by the common misconception that veneers are fake or unnatural. Some also assume that one has to “shave away” a large portion of their original teeth in order to have veneers fitted to their teeth. This influences them to delay getting porcelain veneers or avoiding them altogether. Our team recognizes this misconception and understands what makes patients question the appearance of veneers. At Bedford Dental Group, we utilize the best practices to provide the most natural looking veneers.

Expert Veneer Fabrication and Perfect Placement

Some veneers can appear to look fake due to problems during their fabrication. They can be incorrectly shaped, are inconsistent with natural teeth color, are not matched with the thickness of natural teeth, or have abnormal translucent or opaque shade. Bedford Dental Group can craft veneers that match the natural structure, color, and shade of your original teeth. We take a lot of pride in creating veneers that blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. We also perform the veneer procedure in the most conservative way possible, in true Dr. Fix-it fashion.


Customized Veneers that Suit Your Smile

When you sit in our chair, we work with you to recognize your facial features and design of your natural teeth. Our fix-it veneers are developed with a custom shade that ensures an appearance that fits most closely with your original teeth. We can fix misshapen, cracked, or misaligned teeth, as well as gaps between the teeth.

In other cases, veneers can be created and have too much bulk compared to adjacent teeth. At Bedford Dental Group, our veneers are crafted and will not appear to be too bulky. We select a group of materials that ensure the correct translucency and minimize any features that may create a fake appearance. In addition, there is little or no preparation process required to have veneers. They are also fitted without having to remove any existing tooth structure, or very little tooth structure at most.

If you are worried about receiving veneers due to perceptions of their appearance, you can have your worries put to rest at Bedford Dental Group. Our approach to veneers is different than other locations.

During your initial consultation, we’ll go over everything you need to know. If you have any lingering questions about our Dr. Fix-it dentistry, then schedule your appointment by calling our office today.

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