What do Dental Implants Look Like?

What do dental implants look like?

Implants are a popular choice for restorative dentistry and for a lot of important reasons. Implants can be a great option for people who have lost or damaged teeth and are having difficulty chewing, breathing, or even smiling, giving patients a chance to live a normal, comfortable life.

According to your trusted cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, dental implants are both durable and beautiful – plus, they can last you a lifetime.

The best part of it all is that implants of high quality can feel and look just like natural teeth. This will give you more confidence and help with your overall health.

Many patients are curious about how implants work. Are dental implants convincing enough to be mistaken for real teeth? What do dental implants look like? What do dental implants look like??

Read on if you are interested in improving the functionality and health of your smile for the rest of your life!

Do Implants Look That Natural?

Do Implants Look That Natural?

For anyone considering an implant fixture, you must been wondering or must have wondered; what do dental implants look like? What does dental implants consist of?

These are the typical questions most patients have, and it wouldn’t be surprising that you ask the dentist these questions when you go to the local dental clinic.

While a dental implant is not your natural tooth, it should look so natural that it gets hard to tell the difference.

Who wouldn’t want to have a natural looking smile? One of the aims of getting an implant supported denture as implied in the benefits dental implants offer is to have a beautiful smile. So, of course, implants should look very natural. 

Because they are made of the same material and shaped in the same way as natural teeth, an implant fixture will feel very much like your natural teeth. They will allow you to eat, chew and swallow the same way as your natural teeth. Dental implants are made from artificial materials, so they do not feel inside the teeth. These implants are attached to your gums by means of posts. However, they don’t fuse to the actual gums so it is impossible to create a nerve connection.

It is important for dental implants to look natural as it helps to prevent social stigma which may occur in the case of a missing tooth. It isn’t out of place to say that getting dental implants helps in building confidence and social acceptance. 

A dentist who prioritizes a natural appearance not only contributes to the physical restoration of the teeth, but shows that they are also concerned about the mental health and general well-being of the patient. 

Benefits of Dental Implants 

Benefits of Dental Implants

Have you been thinking of getting a dental implant surgery?

You may be wondering why people opt for a dental implant or why you should bother getting one. Some people believe that dental implants serve only aesthetic purposes, but it goes beyond that. 

In present society, the benefits of dental implants are a lot. These benefits come together to improve the overall oral health and quality of life of any individual. 

The best part about getting a dental implant is that it is not a surgical or invasive procedure.

Some benefits of dental implants include: 

Enhances Aesthetics: 

Getting dental implants tends to improve your looks and general aesthetics. It then leads to a boost in your confidence and self-esteem. Now, you do not need to worry about whether your smile looks weird or not. Instead, you’ll be showing off your aesthetically pleasing smile at every given chance. Even if you have a missing teeth, your artificial teeth (the dental implant) comes to the rescue.

Keeping Facial Health

You do not need to worry about tooth loss and its complications when you get a dental implant or undergo a dental implant procedure. Instead, these dental implants promote bone density and keep the facial structure in place. It also goes a step further and preserves your natural teeth.

Improves Oral Health

One benefit of dental implants is that they help in reducing inflammation or gum irritation. It’s always a better and more enjoyable oral experience, leading to an enhanced oral health. 

Promotes Quality of Life

With dental implants, you do not need to worry about a gap tooth, missing teeth, or even a gum disease. You will gain an unbelievable confidence boost that improves your emotional well-being and leads to an improved lifestyle and quality health. 

Making Dental Implants Look Natural: What do dental implants look like?

Making Dental Implants Look Natural: What do dental implants look like?

Achieving a natural look with dental implants is possible. However, it requires a careful consideration of various factors by your chosen dentist. It is why you need to choose an appropriately qualified health practitioner when undergoing consultation for your impact crowns. 

While your dentist offers consultation, some things to look out for include: 

Color Matching

The color of the implant has to match with the color of the natural teeth. This way, no one would notice any wide difference. Typically, impact crowns are designed to resist stains unlike natural teeth. So, the dentist needs to ensure that the choice implant matches the color of the existing teeth.  

Shape and Size

Attention to detail is important when picking a choice implant. It should align with the shape and size of the natural tooth. Before making a choice, factors like the width, length, and curvature should be considered. 


During dental consultation, it is important to check proper alignment and position of the plant. It is important for the implant to emerge from the gum line in a way that aligns with the natural precision of the adjacent teeth. 

Choice Materials

Only durable materials that enhance the natural look and feel of the implant should be used. It’s why porcelain or ceramic are best recommended.  

Oral Hygiene Education

For your implant to retain a natural look, you have a role to play especially as it concerns oral hygiene. The dentist should ensure to educate patients thoroughly on oral hygiene education. 

Are Dental Implants and Dentures The Same?

Are Dental Implants and Dentures The Same?

While both dental implants and dentures can give you a new smile, they are not the same. A dental implant is a more permanent solution while dentures are removable.

In the case of a dental implant, you have a titanium screw fixed into the jawbone or lower jaw and a crown is then placed on top. This procedure could last for years. An implant crown can be used for two teeth if they are adjacent.

However, dentures are not as strong or durable as a dental implant as dentures are made from plastic and come with multiple teeth.

The fact that a dental implant is more comfortable and lasts longer than dentures are some benefits of dental implants over dentures.

How Dental Implants Work

How Dental Implants Work

Implants can be permanently placed in your mouth to act exactly like natural teeth. When installed correctly, they should feel and behave almost exactly like natural teeth. This is one of their biggest advantages; however, it is essential to understand how implants work in order to ensure that they last a long time.

These steps are what dentists use to help determine the number of implants needed and how the procedure will be performed:

  • The number of teeth that should be replaced with dental implants will be determined by your dentist.

  • Your dentist will surgically attach posts to your jawbone, which will later be used for attaching the implants.

  • As you heal, the posts will fuse to the bone and provide permanent security.

  • These posts will be used to hold your dental implant. They will feel and look just like natural teeth.

Your permanent dentures should be removed by the end of this process. They will feel more natural in your mouth as time goes on, so don’t get discouraged by the discomfort of the recovery process. These dentures will eventually become a regular part of your teeth and you’ll feel normal again.

Get Custom-Made Implants For Your Smile

Prosthetic crowns are the visible part of dental implants. The prosthetic crown attaches to the implant’s surface, called an abutment. Crowns are made from a composite material that is custom-made to match the shade and color of the tooth enamel. It looks just like a real tooth. A dentist can mold, attach, and shape crowns to match the contour of the tooth being replaced. Implants function and look exactly like natural teeth.

Implants offer many benefits beyond aesthetics, of course. Also, implants will eventually fuse the jawbone with the titanium components. This integration promotes healthy gum tissue growth and jaw growth. This prevents gum and jaw recession, which can cause serious problems not only for the arch but also for the area around the missing tooth. You’ll be able to smile and chew again as new.

Find out everything there is to know about dental implants in Beverly Hills when you contact our experts ASAP!


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