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How Do DentalVibe Painless Injections Stop The Pain?

Has it been a significant amount of time since you’ve been to the dentist? Often, patients avoid seeing an oral health specialist due to the fact that they think the process is always traumatic and that a painful treatment is the only reward for their bravery. This is simply not the case at Bedford Dental Group, where we continue to embrace innovative practices and procedures. Dental treatment does not have to be a painful experience, and one way that we minimize discomfort for our valued patients is with DentalVibe.

DentalVibe is a brand new technique that works with even the most sensitive patients. This is a revolutionary new breakthrough for comfortable, painless dentistry, which promotes oral health for more and more people in our community. It eliminates pain from needle injections by naturally applying direct vibration to the gum and skin.

Innovative Oral Health Technology

DentalVibe technology was developed after the problems associated with dental injections were further understood, feedback from weary patients was gathered, and concerns were addressed. At Bedford Dental Group, patients who fear needles can now receive the care they need while eliminating any discomfort. This system is applicable for patients of all ages, making the highest quality treatments available to a larger audience.

Soothing Vibrations for the Gum Tissue

After the DentalVibe has been injected, the tissues around the site vibrate while the injections are administered. The injection occurs simultaneously with the sensation of vibration. The brain is more receptive to the vibrations, which has the effect of blocking the feeling of the injection being received. It’s an effective and pragmatic pain management feature that we’re happy to offer our patients who are a little bit apprehensive about dental treatment.

Don’t Delay the Oral Health Treatment You Need

Numerous patients delay or defer treatment due to fears of the needle. This comes at a risk to their dental health and causes more serious overall health problems. More and more credible sources and studies stress the link between oral and overall health. The DentalVibe system can alleviate patients’ fears, changing their perception of receiving needle injections.

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If a phobia of needles or pain has prevented you from receiving high-quality dental care, contact us and see how DentalVibe can help. Call Bedford Dental Group today and schedule your initial consultation!

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