What is the DentalVibe and Why do Patients Love it?

Depending on how good you are with your dentist, chances are you land somewhere on the scale between casually anxious about your visit and absolutely mortified. It’s a common excuse among patients we haven’t seen in a long time that they’re afraid of the pain, which is often associated with needles or drills. We understand at Bedford Dental Group why you have reservations, but that’s no excuse to put your smile at risk.
Think about it for a moment. Your mouth really is just a microcosm of your body as a whole, a tiny reflection of your overall well-being and health. Bacteria in your teeth and gums can enter your bloodstream and contribute to all sorts of health conditions (heart disease and diabetes to name a couple).

What is DentalVibe?

The DentalVibe is an innovative tool that reduces the overall pain of dental injections. It works by initiating a gentle vibrating sensation on the site of your injection. This gives your nerves that send pain signals to your brain a sensory overload, which prevents your brain from registering discomfort from your actual injection. Basically, it’s like a distraction method. When vibration and injection sensations occur at the same time, it’s actually the vibrating sensation that reaches the brain first. The sounds that the DentalVibe vibrations emit also distract from the pain. In addition, the vibration sensation actually aids in dispersing anesthesia after injection.
Patients love DentalVibe when it’s applied to various procedures. The results are mind-blowing in many cases. DentalVibe has been tested and proven to significantly lower self-reported pain among our patients at Bedford Dental Group.
It’s an incredible new advance in dentistry, really. Patients get the anesthesia that they need in order to undergo their procedure in question, but they don’t even realize it is being administered. Dentists around the country are highly recommending DentalVibe, coast to coast.
So make sure that your dentist is packing DentalVibe on your next visit, just to make sure this useful tool is on hand. If your dentist doesn’t have a DentalVibe, then switch over to Bedford Dental Group pronto, because you’re doing this whole dental thing wrong. We can’t wait to see you.

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