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Get A Perfect Smile With Thorough And Efficient Dental Cleaning!

Our skilled cosmetic dentists provide more than just routine cleanings; they offer a customized approach that includes selecting the ideal tools for your oral hygiene. With thousands of happy patients, their dazzling smiles speak of our meticulous care for themselves.

Our high-tech, modern office is a sanctuary of dental innovation, offering a full spectrum of cosmetic dental treatments. From teeth whitening to porcelain veneers and dental implants, we maintain the highest standards of care, treating each patient like the star they are.

Needless to say, our mouths and teeth need thorough and efficient dental cleanings. However, even the most disciplined brushers will not be able to clean every area of their mouths, so we recommend scheduling bi-annual routine dental cleanings with a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist.

Signs of Healthy Teeth

Color and Appearance

A uniform color, typically a shade of white that naturally varies from person to person, indicates that your teeth are free from cavities and external staining. This lack of discoloration suggests that the enamel, the tooth’s protective outer layer, is intact and not compromised by the onset of gum disease or decay. Enamel’s translucency can also make teeth appear brighter and contribute to a healthier-looking smile.

Gum Health

They should appear pink, firm, and tight around the teeth. If you notice that your gums are puffy, tender, or bleed during brushing, these could be early signs of gum disease, a condition that can lead to more serious health issues if left untreated. Routine dental cleanings are crucial for maintaining gum health, as professional dental cleanings can remove the plaque and tartar buildup that regular brushing and flossing might miss.

Sensitivity Levels

Healthy teeth should not be overly sensitive. A good sign of oral health is the ability to consume hot or cold foods and beverages without experiencing sharp pains or discomfort. If you feel this discomfort, it may indicate receding gums or enamel wear, potentially leading to gum disease if ignored. Using desensitizing toothpaste can sometimes alleviate mild sensitivity, but persistent symptoms are a cause for concern. 

Breath Quality

Maintaining a routine of professional dental cleanings along with proper at-home care can prevent the development of bacteria that cause bad breath.

While everyone experiences bad breath at some point, consistent occurrences could be a sign of lingering food particles, poor dental hygiene, or the onset of gum disease. In other words, a minty fresh breath is a good sign!

Do you Need a Dental Hygienist?

Discomfort and Pain

Discomfort or pain in your teeth or gums has to be taken seriously. These symptoms can indicate a variety of issues, from the emergence of gum disease to a cavity that’s reaching the deeper layers of your tooth. It’s important to not dismiss persistent toothaches as they are a clear indicator that your teeth are at risk and require immediate attention.

Spots and Discoloration

Unusual spots or discoloration on the teeth can be early warning signs of decay or the result of an ineffective oral health routine that may escalate to gum disease. Professional dental cleanings can often remove external stains, but intrinsic stains and spots — those coming from within the tooth — need to be evaluated by a dentist.

Gum Recession and Bleeding

Gums that bleed easily during brushing or flossing are a telltale sign of inflammation, often caused by the bacteria that lead to gum disease. Similarly, gum recession can expose the roots of the teeth, leading to sensitivity and an increased risk for cavities. 

Persistent Bad Breath

Persistent bad breath, or halitosis, can be a red flag for various oral health issues, including gum disease. It’s not just about the food you eat; chronic bad breath can indicate that harmful bacteria are present in your mouth, leading to plaque buildup and possibly resulting in periodontitis, a more advanced form of gum disease. 

Sensitivity to Sweetness

An often-overlooked warning sign is a sudden sensitivity to sweet foods or drinks. If you notice a twinge of pain when indulging in a sugary treat, it could suggest a developing cavity or even an area where the enamel has been eroded.

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Before and After Teeth Cleaning

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Regular dental cleaning offers one main benefit – clean, healthy teeth which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a full hour to complete.

They are rarely painful or unpleasant and can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Removal of plaque, tartar, and calcium deposits.
  • Full examination of teeth and gums for cavities and other potential dangers.
  • Polishing to discourage future plaque build-up.

How Dental Hygienists Keep Your Smile Bright and Healthy

1. Consultation 

Your dental hygienist starts with a thorough examination of your entire mouth. Using a small mirror for guidance, they check for signs of inflammation, gingivitis, or other potential issues.

2. Plaque and Tartar Removal

With the help of dental instruments such as scalers, the hygienist meticulously removes plaque and tartar around your gum line and in between your teeth. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria and food, and if left undisturbed, it hardens into tartar, which is beyond the reach of your daily brushing and flossing routine.

3. Gritty Toothpaste Cleaning

Once your teeth are tartar-free, the hygienist uses a high-powered electric brush and gritty toothpaste to gently scrub your teeth. This step removes any leftover tartar and polishes the teeth, which helps to remove surface stains.

4. Expert Flossing

Even if you floss regularly at home, nothing beats an expert flossing session. Your hygienist knows all the right techniques to get deep between your teeth and locate any potential trouble spots where gums may bleed, which can indicate areas you might need to focus on more at home.

5. Fluoride Treatment

The final step is a fluoride treatment, which helps to protect your teeth against cavities for several months. You might be given a flavored gel or a sticky paste in a mouthpiece that fits over your teeth.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

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Benefits Of Scheduling A Routine Cleaning With Bedford Dental Group

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Benefits of Dental Cleaning Before & After

Besides keeping teeth looking great and maintaining confidence in your smile, proper and regular teeth cleaning prevents gum disease by removing the plaque that is usually to blame for the onset of periodontal disease and gingivitis. Such outcomes lead to pain, bad breath, and potential loss of teeth. In addition, the discovery of cavities, discoloration, and swollen gums takes place during any routine cleaning.

Not to mention that loose teeth can go undetected for months and even years if not for dental cleanings. Furthermore, as any cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills will tell you, a loose tooth may result in you requiring surgery, a root canal, or even a tooth extraction. While our teeth cleaning hygienists have the skills to clean your teeth, they also possess dental expertise and can provide tips, tricks, and other pieces of advice that make keeping teeth clean easier.

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“The best Dentist in Beverly Hills! His staff is friendly, courteous, and professional! Dr Naysan has been my dentist for years! Have one of the best smiles in LA because of him!”

Mara M

How Bedford Dental Group Can Help

We may suggest a precise tooth brush based on the condition of your mouth and the areas you aren’t reaching with your current methods. Our Beverly Hills dentists may also provide new ways to perform everybody’s favorite action flossing by suggesting different picks and tools that you may never have tried or known about on your own.

Another piece of the plaque-fighting equation that many people don’t realize is that good oral hygiene can result in a lower risk of heart disease. While the connection between teeth and the heart may be foggy, poor hygiene leads to bacteria growth, which can travel elsewhere in the body including the lungs and blood vessels.

Regular dental cleaning performed by our skilled and knowledgeable dentist at Bedford Dental Group will result in cleaner and healthier teeth and mouth with reduced risk of other major health problems. Furthermore, it can prevent high costs of serious complications and remedies down the road. Although we are the preferred group for procedures like teeth whiteningporcelain veneers, and dental implants, it is better to tackle these issues before as soon as possible. Having regular cleanings can eliminate those needs and keep your smile shining!

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Bedford Dental Group provides natural-looking, fully functional restorations to patients of every stripe. Each patient is treated like a celebrity, given expert time and detailed attention to ensure their new and improved smile will look fantastic for years to come. Our patients enjoy a lifetime with their improved, healthier smiles at a reasonable price.

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