Dental Bridges

When you lose as an adult tooth, it can carry daily difficulties and serious oral health problems. Not only is it harder for you to chew your food properly, the gap can lead to your other teeth shifting and exposure your body to bacteria and disease. That straight, beautiful smile you one had may now be uneven and incomplete. From dangerous decay and gum disease to unattractive smiles, a simple missing tooth can cause havoc in a person’s mouth.

Dental Bridges

So What Is The Solution?

While there are several dental options available, a dental bridge can be effective in this situation. We have worked on countless numbers of patients, helping them restore their smiles through natural looking dental bridgework. Bedford Dental Group is here to prevent further damage and can give you the lasting smile you deserve!

The Dental Bridge Procedure

When you come in for dental bridgework, you can rest assured knowing you are in professional and experienced hands. We are typically able to get all the dental work in just two visits. During the first visit, we will take an impression of your mouth and possibly prepare your teeth next to the gap for dental crowns. These teeth will be fitted with crowns to help hold the bridge work in place. On your second visit, our dentists will install the dental device, which typically lasts between five and seven years.

Step 1
Situation of a broken tooth.

Broken Tooth

Step 2
Fragments of the tooth are removed.

Fragments of the tooth are removed

Step 3
The two adjacent teeth are grinded down.

The two adjacent teeth are grinded down.

Step 4
The laboratory would make the bridge which fits over these prepared teeth.

The laboratory would make the bridge which fits over these prepared teeth

Step 5
The bridge would fit over the teeth and replace the missing tooth.

The bridge would fit over the teeth and replace the missing tooth

Traditionally, a dental bridge is fitted to the teeth on each side of the missing tooth gap. These are referred to as anchor teeth and are typically fitted with a dental crown to make them more secure. A natural-looking artificial tooth is created to fit in your gap, usually porcelain, and is attached to the metal framework to bridge the gap.

When you meet with one of our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists, they can walk you through your options and help you determine if bridges are the best option. Our cosmetic dentists are fully qualified and trained to help you with your bridgework. Our main priority is to give you back the functionality of your teeth and a beaming smile!

People with missing or damaged teeth are most likely to have a need for dental bridges. Good candidates however, need to have strong teeth with effective bone support in order to hold the crowns firmly in place.

Additional benefits of bridges include:

  • Maintains proper shape of face and improves appearance
  • Restores proper bite and chewing functions
  • Aesthetic improvements
  • Reduces damage to teeth

We make sure that the procedure is right for you before we begin the process. If you have questions about dental bridges or would like to explore other options, such as dental implants in Beverly Hills, please contact our office for helpful support! You can also schedule an appointment online today.

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