Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding Is A Quick And Affordable Way To Correct Chipped Or Cracked Enamel

The chipped tooth. There’s no worse feeling than coming to the realization that you have damaged something as permanent as a tooth. As everlasting as we believe our teeth to be, things do happen. The important thing to remember is that in the event of a cracked or chipped tooth, a gapped smile, or even decayed, amalgam-filled, disproportioned teeth, all can be rectified thanks to direct composite dental bonding performed by the Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist that Los Angeles prefers and trusts.


The Swiss army knife of cosmetic dentistry procedures, direct composite bonding is versatile, correcting any number of problems with your smile. Utilizing a putty-like material that can be shaped and formed in whichever way necessary, direct composite dental bonding is cemented or bonded to the tooths visible surface; the application hidden to the naked eye given the ability of our cosmetic dentist to match said bonding to the color of your entire set of teeth. The end result is a beautiful smile!

Dental Bonding Before and After

Benefits Of Bonding Treatment

Cracked or Chipped Teeth
In the unfortunate event of a cracked or chipped tooth, the first thing you might think about is the impact on your appearance. The good news is that direct composite bonding will bring the look of your teeth back to as good as new. The even better news is that your tooth will function just as good as it ever did before!

Gapped Teeth
Even gapped teeth can be brought back together without the use of expensive braces. Instead, fix your teeth with a much more affordable option: direct composite bonding. Literally filling in the gaps of your smile and shaping it all for a completely natural look, direct composite bonding will get you smiling in more ways than one.

Filled Cavities
While the original silver filling of your cavities was once necessary, the act was often performed without regard to personal appearance. Not requiring an outside the lab procedure, cosmetic bonding can restore and repair a cavity quickly, and pain-free, doing away with unsightly fillings and providing an inconspicuous tooth.

While these are but a few of the circumstances that call for direct composite bonding, other cosmetic achievements like improving discolored teeth, making teeth appear longer, and protecting teeth against receding gums are all attainable through the procedure. Not only is it versatile, and can correct for a variety of unfortunate circumstances, but its inexpensive and easy to implement; usually performed in one short office visit.

In the end, you won’t only have a new smile, but the health of your teeth benefit as well, as direct composite bonding preserves the natural structure of the tooth, and requires very little removal of tooth enamel. At Bedford Dental Group, our Beverly Hills dentists have the skills, efficiency, and gentle-touch care that you need to ensure your visit is as pleasant as possible. We are proud to serve the Los Angeles area and treat all of our clients as A-listers! We offer complimentary valet parking!


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