Surprisingly Damaging Foods to Your Teeth

It’s a harsh truth that some foods are more damaging to your pearly whites than others. That being said, there are some foods that have great reputations for your overall health, but they can do some damage to your teeth. Bedford Dental Group would like to shed some light on those foods that can do serious harm to your teeth if enjoyed with reckless abandon.
Of course, we’ll start with the obvious. Candy is bad for your teeth, that’s no secret or surprise. There’s a reason why the old-school hellfire preacher dentists might scold you for going to the chocolate factory. Sugars combine with plaque on your teeth to form acid, which starts to eat away at your million dollar smile if ignored. However, life is short. We’re not going to tell you not to eat sugar or candy. Sure, some people are able to cut out harmful sugars from their diet completely. Those people deserve a special place in heaven because they are probably saints. But you can limit your sugar intake or be smart about it when you do eat sugar. Pack a miniature toothbrush so you can take care of your teeth after succumbing to the sugar troll.
Here are some other notable nuisances to your teeth that you might not be privy to:

Ice (Ice… Baby?)

For some reason, a lot of people like to chew on ice cubes. It also happens that dogs might prefer ice cubes as refreshing treats on a hot day. But chewing on ice cubes can chip or break your teeth. The extreme coldness and hardness of ice is bad for your enamel as well. Avoid the urge of chewing on ice cubes whenever you can.


Try to get your almond fix from almond milk. This superfood is a great source of vitamin E, healthy fats, and even protein, but the hard surface and oblong shape of the almond can be harmful to your teeth, causing them to chip or break.

Citrus Fruits and Strawberries

These are often the fruits we reach for first in the fruit bowl. Although these fruits can be high in vitamin C and fiber, their acidity is hard on the enamel of your teeth. When your tooth enamel erodes, nothing can be done to recover it. Worn enamel can leave your teeth more susceptible to cavities and more susceptible to pain during weather and temperature changes.

Red, Red Wine

It’s been getting a lot of street cred when it comes to heart-healthy benefits when consumed in small amounts, but such benefits are not enjoyed by your teeth. Red wine can stain your teeth, giving you the dreaded “wine teeth,” and also contains a ton of sugar and acid. If you do decide to enjoy a glass or two (or seven), then just make sure to rinse your mouth out plenty and make sure that you brush at the end of the experience at the very least.


These can stain your teeth as well. Though blueberries, raspberries and the rest of the lot might have beneficial antioxidants, they are also hyperpigmented. When berries sit in your mouth, they will stain your teeth and damage them with sugar. In order to get the pigmentation off of your teeth, a good brushing should be in order. At the very least you can try to rinse your mouth with water afterward.

White Bread

As if you needed another reason not to eat white bread! It’s always better to go with wheat when you’re at the sandwich shop, not just because it’s better to get more complex carbs, but also because white bread contains a ton of sugar. We all know what it’s like to eat a PB and J and have the bread stick to the roof of your mouth. When this happens to your teeth, it invites bacteria to come on in and make itself at home. If you must indulge in that dinner roll for breakfast, then make sure to brush and floss afterward, will ya!
We hope some of this helps. If you find yourself eating from this list of foods often, it might be a good idea to schedule an extra visit and an extra cleaning with Bedford Dental Group. No matter what your diet consists of, a visit with us will provide you with the education and the support you need to live a life of good oral health and overall health.

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