Correct a Multitude of Dental Problems with Direct Composite Bonding

Cracked, chipped, or gaping teeth can be unsightly, making many individuals self-conscious of their appearance. It is often said that the first thing that people notice about others is their smile. However, if there are any issues occurring with your dental health, you will need an effective solution, and fast. Direct composite bonding is the most versatile solution to all of your dental problems and more, offering natural, beautiful results that are sure to make you smile again.
At Bedford Dental Group, our prestigious Beverly Hills dentists have the expertise and knowledge to address your needs. Regardless if you are suffering from cracked, chipped, or gaping teeth, or from a different dental issue such as decayed, disproportionate, or amalgam-filled teeth, our dental professionals can provide you with an array of options that are executed with only the latest technology. Thus, they premise their service on working to provide you with a comfortable, professional environment that is sure to exceed your expectations.
Because cracked dental issues can occur at any age, it is extremely important to address these issues as they arise. Direct composite bonding is a simple way to restore your smile’s appearance and the functionality of your teeth through a procedure that is completed in a short amount of time. Unlike porcelain veneers and crowns, this option is an affordable alternative to surgical procedures that were once necessary to relieve the ill effects of broken or discolored teeth.
During this process, your teeth undergo a preparation that involves cleaning and etching of the surface of your teeth which allows the composite material to adhere to the tooth more effectively. A curing light is then shone onto the area being treated in order to cause the composite material to harden and solidify. Lastly, the area being treated will be polished and glazed to give your new smile a smooth and even appearance.
Through a simple evaluation, one of our talented dentists at Bedford Dental Group can provide you with the best solution for your needs. If you wish to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us at 310.278.0600.

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