Celebrities with Dentures

Celebrities have always been at the forefront of style and glamour. But what many don’t realize is that even the most iconic smiles often have a secret—celebrity dentures. From George Washington’s famous false teeth to modern-day stars, the world of celebrity dentures holds captivating stories that span centuries.

Fun fact!

Everyone knows George Washington wore dentures and by the time he reached the age of 22, he had only one tooth left. While they weren’t made of wood, the first President of the United States did indeed have false teeth.

The Secret to Celebrity Dentures

While cosmetic procedures such as veneers can change a star’s smile, in some cases this is simply not enough. And the further back in history you go, the more limited the restoration options were. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous people to sport a set of full celebrity dentures over the years.

In today’s world, the idea of Celebrity Dentures has become a reality, and here at Bedford Dental, our extensive list of celebrity clients speaks for itself.

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Celebrities With Full Dentures

Clark Gable was known as one of the most handsome men in the business. However, having suffered from severe periodontitis, his dentist had removed most of his teeth by his early 30’s.

Clark Gable Dentures

Emma Watson was cast in Harry Potter, she was only nine years old, and hadn’t yet lost all of her primary teeth. In order to keep her character, Hermione, from sporting gaps in her smile, the young actress wore partial dentures to hide both the holes and her age. 

Emma Watson Dentures

Lou Reed, the iconic musician and songwriter known for his work with the Velvet Underground, was rumored to have worn dentures. While there is speculation about him having dentures, Reed himself did not publicly confirm or deny these rumors. Dental issues are not uncommon among musicians who often face a demanding lifestyle, including late nights and tour schedules, which can impact oral health.

Lou Reed's Dentures

Snooki, rose to fame through the reality TV show “Jersey Shore.” Speculation about her dental work arose due to the dramatic transformations in her smile over the years. While there have been rumors that Snooki wore dentures or underwent other dental procedures, she has not publicly confirmed or denied these claims. Like many celebrities, she may choose to keep the secrets to her celebrity dentures private.

Snooki Dentures

Ben Affleck, the acclaimed actor and filmmaker, has faced ongoing speculation regarding his dental work. Some reports have suggested that he may have worn dentures or had dental implants. However, Affleck has not made any official statements regarding these rumors. Celebrities like Affleck often deal with such speculations about their appearances, but they typically keep their personal dental choices private.

Ben Affleck's Dentures

Florence Henderson, best known for her work on The Brady Bunch, is well known for wearing dentures–except she never wore them! She worked as a spokesperson for Polydent for a decade, leading people to believe she had false teeth. According to her, she advertises for them because other members of her family use the product and love it.

Florence Henderson Dentures

When asked, she says, “I never claimed to use the product myself in the commercials, but I know its one I want to endorse!”

More Famous People With Dentures

As we delve into history, we discover some of the most prominent personalities who relied on dentures to maintain their charisma.

Winston Churchill’s false teeth are the “dentures that helped win WWII.” He had his device fashioned to preserve his lisp, making his voice instantly recognizable in wartime broadcasts. One set of the British Prime Minister’s teeth are on display at the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. In 2010, another pair was sold at auction for £15,200.

Winston Churchill’s Dentures

 Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States. His dentures are sometimes the source of some amusement, and even had their own Twitter account.

Joe Biden's Dentures

Ulysses S. Grant: The 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, is believed to have worn dentures during his presidency. Dental issues were common during his time, and dentures were a practical solution to dental problems.

Ulysses S. Grant's Dentures

Woodrow Wilson: Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, also wore dentures. He faced dental troubles, including gum infections, which led to the use of dentures to improve his oral health and appearance.

Woodrow Wilson's Dentures

Politicians aren’t the only ones to replace missing teeth. Celebrities of all kinds have been known to wear dentures, especially Hollywood stars dependent on their good looks.

Celebrities are known for cosmetic procedures that keep them looking young and beautiful all the time. Dental problems, especially missing teeth, can be extremely embarrassing, so many of the celebrities who get dentures do not advertise the fact. This leaves their audiences guessing exactly what work they have had done.

Many celebrities’ dental situations remain subjects of curiosity and speculation among fans and the media. It’s worth noting that the personal choices and dental health of public figures can often be subject to rumor and scrutiny, but the details are typically kept confidential by the individuals involved.

The thing that we can confirm is that the perfect dentures are crafted using advanced materials that closely mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth and porcelain and acrylic are commonly used to create dentures that look remarkably realistic.

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