Celebrities Bedford Dental Group Has Worked With

At Bedford Dental Group we don’t like to name-drop… okay, wait, we love to name drop. We have the pleasure of providing high-quality general and cosmetic dental services to our community of Beverly Hills, CA. This puts us face-to-face with famous celebrities quite often. We are happy to be able to provide the caliber of service that people whose livelihood depends on them looking fantastic would seek out.
Like we said, we’ve worked with a lot of celebrities, many of whom call on our services many times per year. Here are just a few of them, some brief profiles on who we’ve worked on. Out of respect for our clients, we won’t disclose what they’ve gotten done with us, because we feel that would be invasive. Celebrities are people, just like everyone else, and some of them have better dental hygiene than others. Some celebrities have come a long way with their oral health; one quick example would be Nicholas Cage. If you watch a movie like Martha Coolidge’s Valley Girl, one of Cage’s first movies, you’ll see that his teeth were actually quite irregular and misaligned. Through the ages, he’s been able to perfect his smile. You can, too! Here are some of the celebrities who have perfected their smiles with Bedford Dental Group:


Sean “Diddy” Combs frequents Bedford Dental Group. He’s on the Forbes “Top Five Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists” every year. 2016 has been no different, as Diddy has topped the list again. Jay-Z was on his way to perhaps providing some healthy competition along with Dr. Dre, but the underperformance of Tidal has knocked Jigga down a few notches.

David Beckham

Often dubbed one of People Magazine’s sexiest men alive, David Beckham is the former right winger for the LA Galaxy. He knows the benefits of hiring a professional service like Bedford Dental Group to manage his pearly whites.

Luke Walton

Only in a town like Los Angeles can a basketball coach enter celebrity status overnight — by becoming head coach of the LA Lakers. We’re glad to have him, especially after what was an amazing run as Assistant Coach to the Warriors. We expect him to be quite effective as a young coach dealing with a young team. He’s still very in touch with the game and might know a little more about where it could potentially go than some of the more grizzled veterans.

Joan Collins

It is such a treat every time we see Joan Collins, classic beauty and one of the breakout stars of the famous show, Dynasty. Even though she’s English, we consider her an American treasure at Bedford Dental Group. We relish the opportunity to help this beautiful person take care of her gorgeous smile.

Kevin James

With a new TV show and Netflix movie out, staying productive by putting out a constant stream of content, Kevin James is also one of our favorites here at Bedford Dental Group. He’s got the old-style comedic chops that we love. What an amazing force of nature that Kevin James is. Great smile, too!
At Bedford Dental Group, one of our philosophical tenets is that we treat every single one of our customers like their livelihood depended on their smile. In the end, a lot of celebrities’ careers hinge on their physical appearance. So we take that extra care to make sure they are satisfied, and that their aesthetic enhancement goals and general dental health goals are not only met, but also exceeded. And we bring that same level of commitment, compassion, and concentration to every single one of our guests, even if they didn’t star in the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. We look forward to seeing you here at Bedford Dental Group, and working together to bring out wonders in your smile.

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