Avoiding a Halloween Candy Catastrophe

It’s that time of year again. The dentist’s worst nightmare. That’s right, it’s Halloween. And in less than a week, kids will take to the streets (and adults will take to the drug store holiday sale aisle) in search of massive pillowcases full of delicious sweets. Nobody wants to be the person who rains on … Read more

Halloween Treats with a Healthy Conscience

Halloween is only a couple of days away, which means it’s time for households to start stocking up on sweets for the hordes of costumed children. This moment can be hard on more health conscious homeowners. On the one hand, you want to participate in the festivities, ideally by providing snacks that won’t actively destroy … Read more

The Biggest Issue with Flossing

Flossing is one of the most controversial things the dentist will ask of their patients. You wouldn’t think flossing would be such a sticking point for people. You already brush twice a day (or at least you should be!), so as long as you are taking care of that it seems like flossing one out … Read more

Which Celebrities Have Used Cosmetic Dentistry?

Just like most celebrities aren’t born overnight, the same goes for their smiles. A lot of celebrities have had to go through cosmetic dental surgeries (some multiple) to get their set of pearly whites shining the way they do on the big screen. One of the biggest celebrities on the planet, Tom Cruise (you probably … Read more

Does the calcium for your baby’s teeth come from your own?

When you’re expecting a baby, you are going to have a lot of questions. Both your health and the baby’s become one of your foremost concerns. You may have heard some worrisome information. Are you more likely to get dental disease when you’re pregnant? Can you get treatment before the baby is born? Does the … Read more

A Guide to Dealing with Tooth Sensitivity

Discovering sensitivity in your teeth is never fun. Whether it occurs when you drink hot coffee or cold water, chew on sweets, or even react to brushing and flossing, it is never a welcoming sensation. There are many reasons your teeth might become sensitive. Often it is a sign of an exposed root or worn … Read more

Celebrities with Dentures

Everyone knows George Washington wore dentures. By the time he reached the age of 22, he had only one tooth left. While they weren’t made of wood, the first President of the United States did indeed have false teeth. Did you know that many other famous people have false teeth? While cosmetic procedures such as … Read more

Should You Add Oil Pulling to Your Oral Health Routine?

The ancient dental practice of oil pulling is seeing a resurgence in recent times. This Indian practice of swishing a teaspoon of oil in the mouth for twenty minutes is supposed to pull toxins out of the body. Many people swear by the health benefits that it can supposedly give, by not only helping to … Read more

P. Diddy Checking in at Dr. Naysan’s Office

 Sean “P. Diddy” Combs was caught walking the streets of LA. Where was he going? He was making a stop at his favorite dentist, our own Dr. Daniel Naysan. He was spotted coming in for his routine teeth cleaning. You can visit Dr. Naysan and get the celebrity dental care experience by calling (310) 601-8225 and … Read more

Donald Trump’s Smile Care Secrets

Whether you support Donald Trump’s campaign for presidency or not, there is one thing we can all share and discuss—his teeth! Trump has been the butt of jokes about his hair for years, but his teeth have never looked better. So what’s his secret? How does he get those chompers so pearly and so white? … Read more

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