Dr. Naysan’s Tips on How to Get the Perfect Smile

Dr. Naysan is featured on channel 12 news from Phoenix, Arizona and shares some tips on how to get the perfect celebrity smile with Pronamel. Source:

4 Distinct Benefits of All-On-Four Dental Implants

For those of us who have to end up getting dentures, this can be an unfortunate thing to accept, but there is technology and there are methods in place that can make the process as comfortable as possible on you. One of those comfortable ways to make the transition into a full mouth set of … Read more

Good Oral Health Practices Benefit High Blood Pressure Treatment

The American Heart Association has just released a study that found that patients taking medication and undergoing treatment for high blood pressure were more likely to experience optimum benefits from their respective therapies if they were in good oral health standing. The Inextricable Link Between Oral Health and Overall Health This is yet another study … Read more

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Your Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure Companion

Just like its name implies, the Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure is an intricate process. Full Mouth Reconstructions can entail rebuilding, repairing, or replacing all or a vast majority of teeth in a patient’s mouth. The idea behind the Full Mouth Reconstruction is to utilize cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques in order to improve the patient’s … Read more

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May Has Been Proclaimed National Care Dental Month

May is a great excuse to brush up on your oral health by visiting your local dentist. Spring has sprung, summer is right around the bend, and it’s just a great time to be feeling and looking your best. Who knows what could happen as a result? Turns out, The Registrar at National Day Calendar … Read more

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Spring Break and Dental Tourism

The past few weeks students from universities across the country have been enjoying spring break. Spring break itself is not one set week recognized across the country. Could you imagine such a thing? Every single college student frollicking about for the same week. Seems like it’d be a logistical nightmare every year. Instead, spring break … Read more

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How Oscar-Worthy is Your Smile?

It’s that time of year again when the red carpet gets rolled out and the stars come out of the woodwork to shine bright for one night. There will be some surprises, but there’s also sure to be some controversy. How many Hollywood smile makeover stories have you heard? There’s a lot of information out … Read more

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New Year, New Oral Health Goals

The Benefits of Enjoying a Year-Round Healthy, Vibrant Smile Pretty much anyone with a pulse made at least one New Year’s resolution for 2018. Maybe you made that resolution while fully conscious and staying safe at home, or maybe you made that resolution while on a night on the town. Either way, now it’s your … Read more

Most Dangerous Sports for Your Teeth

To be honest, there aren’t many sports that you can play that are super awesome for your teeth. That’s why nine times out of ten your dentist is going to recommend not playing contact sports in lieu of having perfect oral health. But the human condition is plagued by the need to compete, so our … Read more

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Oral Health and Infertility

Studies linking oral health to overall health have come in abundance in recent memory, due to the advancement of medicine and our increasing understanding of the human body — including those pearly whites. We already know that periodontal disease can lead to all sorts of maladies, including heart disease. But did you also know that … Read more

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