Be Easy on Men This Coming Week

  Ways for Men to Take Care of Themselves for Men’s Health Week and Beyond Bedford Dental Group is celebrating National Men’s Health Week (June 12-18, 2017, to be exact)! We’re taking the time to remind all of our patients and potential patients to take care of themselves if they happen to identify as male

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Dental Tourism: VIP Dental Treatment for All Patients

Medical tourism is quite common in dentistry and growing more common by the day as folks decide to explore less costly oral treatment options internationally. You might hear of a friend going to Mexico to get their wisdom teeth pulled or a dental implant or something of that nature. Medical and dental tourism also works

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Reasons You Might Be Worried About Seeing Your Dentist

Take Anxiety out of Your Dental Visit Equation We don’t doubt there are people who look forward to coming in for their biannual checkup with Bedford Dental Group. That’s because we give our patients the total VIP experience, personalized care that sets itself apart from the rest of the smile makeover noise in Beverly Hills.

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Memorial Day!

Dr. Naysan and the team at Bedford Dental Group would like to take a moment to express our gratitude and appreciation for the men and women we’ve lost while they were serving our country. Maybe that’s why Memorial Day happens to be the unofficial start of summer, where we acknowledge those who’ve passed as the

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Outside The Box

We know it might not always be at the top of Mom’s list as far as gifts go, but staying on top of oral health can be just as good for a person’s wellness as a deep tissue massage, a facial, manicure or pedicure. Sure, those are far more popular options on Mother’s Day, but

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Woman smiling in the fields

Psychological Benefits of Having a Fantastic Smile

At Bedford Dental Group, we really like to drive home the fact that having a great smile can open doors for our patients. We speak much on the fact that great oral health is linked to great overall health as medical studies have continued to support over the years. But today we’d like to take

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