Avoiding a Halloween Candy Catastrophe

It’s that time of year again. The dentist’s worst nightmare.
That’s right, it’s Halloween. And in less than a week, kids will take to the streets (and adults will take to the drug store holiday sale aisle) in search of massive pillowcases full of delicious sweets.
Nobody wants to be the person who rains on everyone’s trick or treat parade. It’s a holiday and people should be allowed to enjoy themselves. But dentists all over the country find themselves in the awkward position of watching the nation’s youth assault their own teeth for the sake of fun.
Obviously, eating large quantities of candy is not good for your teeth. But hey, this is Halloween, after all. As long as you eat your treats in moderation, there’s no reason you can’t have your fun and eat it too.

Halloween Tips from Bedford Dental

Here are a couple of suggestions from us to help you navigate this Halloween’s candy gorging while keeping your smile from resembling a jack-o-lantern.

  • Choose good times: Snacking on candy throughout the day is not only bad for your general health, but also your teeth. Pick your snacking moments carefully. The closer it is to a meal time, the better. That way, your body has already produced enough saliva to help cancel out the acids caused by candy, as well as to wash away food particles. In fact, while you’re at it…
  • Drink more water: For the exact same reason. It will help wash away food particles and break up any residual candy that might become stuck to your teeth.
  • Limit your stash: Putting reasonable limits, both on the amount you eat in a sitting as well as the amount you keep in the house, will cap potential harm you might cause. You don’t have to throw out excess candy either! There are various organizations that take extra candy, such as Operation Gratitude for troops overseas.
  • Pick the right candies: Sticky candies like taffy, jelly beans or gummy bears are more likely to stick to your teeth, thereby increasing exposure to acid-causing bacteria.

Following these guidelines will help you maintain your gleaming white smile while also enjoying the holiday!

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