All-On-Four Dental Implants: The Long-Lasting Solution to Dentures

A basic dental implant is one of the cornerstones of reconstructive dentistry. Some practices categorize dental implants as cosmetic procedures, but that doesn’t really do it justice. Periodontists specialize in protecting the mouth from gum disease, but also in dental implant placement and mouth inflammation treatment. The dental implant is a procedure that provides both cosmetic and functional benefits to the patient.
We’d like to share an exciting treatment with our patients who wear dentures, called the All-on-Four procedure. For those of our patients missing a full row of teeth, does the idea of getting implants for each lost tooth seem daunting to say the least? Bedford Dental Group can replace a full row of missing teeth in just four implants per row.

Most Common Denture Problems

Our patients with dentures voice their struggles often. Many share with us the hurdles they experience daily while wearing their dentures, which can include:

  • Slippage (poor fitting dentures)
  • Chewing and speaking is compromised
  • Dentures might look less than natural
  • Dentures can add years to your appearance, making you look older
  • Neck or jaw pain (TMJ disorder)

Forget What You Think You Know About the All-On-Four Procedure

Many think of the dental implant procedure as an option for somebody who loses one tooth, or a few teeth at maximum. However, Bedford Dental Group offers all-on-four dental implants as an alternative to full mouth dentures.
Do you have dentures? Do you get tired of your dentures slipping, causing problems with speech? An all-on-four can effectively support full row restorations of your teeth; it’s a more long-term solution compared to dentures, and far more realistic looking.
All-on-fours work just like a normal implant. Implants and crowns are placed at four strategic points for the tops and bottom rows of teeth. The procedure can generally be done in one day.

All-on-Four Benefits

Our all-on-four full mouth dental implant treatments can enhance the lives of our patients in more ways than one. All-on-four offers:

  • Results in one visit
  • Overall appearance improvement
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • More freedom with your diet
  • Easier communication and oration
  • A long-lasting solution to a compromised smile
  • Bone stimulation important to facial structure preservation
  • Oral health enhancement

Does the all-on-four treatment sound like it could make your life better? Don’t be intimidated by your dentist or by getting multiple dental implants done at one time. It’s far better to get the procedure done all (on-four) at once rather than spacing each singular implant out one by one. Contact Bedford Dental Group today if you’d like to know more. We’ll schedule your consultation with Dr. Naysan and go over all of your options. We’re here to make the all-on-four process easy on you.

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