4 Distinct Benefits of All-On-Four Dental Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants
For those of us who have to end up getting dentures, this can be an unfortunate thing to accept, but there is technology and there are methods in place that can make the process as comfortable as possible on you.
One of those comfortable ways to make the transition into a full mouth set of prosthetic teeth is to undergo the All-On-Four Dental Implant procedure, which Bedford Dental Group is proud to offer to our patients in Beverly Hills, CA and the greater Los Angeles area as well.
Below are 4 benefits you can glean from the All-On-Four procedure.

1.) All-On-Fours Are SECURE

One of the greatest benefits of the All-On-Four procedure is its anchorage. There are 4 points where implants are placed that secure the dental implants/dentures. Patients can then eat and speak as they normally would unhindered.

2.) All-On-Fours Are REALISTIC

After you have your biocompatible titanium implants in place and your prosthetics secure, All-On-Four implants look completely realistic.

3.) All-On-Fours PREVENT Future Bone Loss

When you lose your teeth, your jaw bone no longer gets the same amount of stimulation that it needs and begins to degenerate. All-On-Four implants provide bone stimulation that prevents future bone loss and keeps the shape of the jaw.

4.) All-On-Fours Can Be Done in ONE DAY

That’s right, All-On-Fours can be placed in one day — patients can now enjoy the aesthetic and functional benefits of a full set of teeth without having to wait.
If you have any lingering questions about how the All-On-Four procedure works and what you can do to get your All-On-Four process started, contact Bedford Dental Group today. We have a long track record of making big improvements in our patients self-confidence through providing compassionate oral health care.

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