Temporary Relief for Tooth Pain

Toothaches are terrible. This is obviously an understatement coming from a dentist, but it’s easy to forget just how painful they can be. Not only that, but the throbbing, dull ache can distract you from living your day-to-day life. When toothaches happen, you need a strategy for minimizing the pain while you seek out permanent … Read more

Avoiding a Halloween Candy Catastrophe

It’s that time of year again. The dentist’s worst nightmare. That’s right, it’s Halloween. And in less than a week, kids will take to the streets (and adults will take to the drug store holiday sale aisle) in search of massive pillowcases full of delicious sweets. Nobody wants to be the person who rains on … Read more

Halloween Treats with a Healthy Conscience

Halloween is only a couple of days away, which means it’s time for households to start stocking up on sweets for the hordes of costumed children. This moment can be hard on more health conscious homeowners. On the one hand, you want to participate in the festivities, ideally by providing snacks that won’t actively destroy … Read more

The Biggest Issue with Flossing

Flossing is one of the most controversial things the dentist will ask of their patients. You wouldn’t think flossing would be such a sticking point for people. You already brush twice a day (or at least you should be!), so as long as you are taking care of that it seems like flossing one out … Read more

Is Invisalign Better Than Traditional Braces?

Bedford Dental Group offers both Invisalign treatments in addition to traditional braces for our valued clients. Of course we like you just the way you are, but if you’re insecure about crooked or misaligned teeth, then there are several options for you to consider, one of which being the innovative Invisalign clear braces. Conventional braces … Read more

Whitened Teeth Maintenance – Keep the Sheen

Nothing attracts attention quite like a glimmering, white smile. Here at Bedford Dental Group, we work hard to help our patients obtain exactly that type of smile. In fact, the Zoom! Whitening System is one of our most popular treatments we perform, whitening your teeth in less than an hour. Once you’ve managed to get … Read more

Composite Fillings vs. Porcelain Inlays

Let’s start with a quick overview about fillings. Fillings are replacements for parts of the tooth that have been lost or damaged through wear, trauma, or decay. Usually your tooth in question will go through pain or extra sensitivity due to the resulting exposure. Once the pain or discomfort sets in, that’s when you’d most … Read more

So You Need To Have a Root Canal…

Today we’re going to talk about the root canal process, why it often needs to be done, and also the reason why a crown is made and worn after the procedure. First, we’ll give a brief overview of what a root canal is. A space inside of your tooth, called the pulp chamber, houses the … Read more

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