Teeth Whitening in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica

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Teeth Whitening By Beverly Hills Dentists

Even if your teeth are healthy, they will lose their vibrant whiteness over time, leaving your with a duller, less dynamic smile. The Zoom! Whitening System can reverse the course of years of discoloration and get you smile back the brightness it has been missing. Lasting only one hour’s time and considered the safest of dental procedures, this Zoom! Whitening system by your Beverly Hills Dentist is one of the most popular procedures being offered. Since you can remove the discoloration and stains from your teeth with only a quick visit to the dentist, it is becoming harder for people to deny themselves the benefits of this procedure.

Before & After Teeth Whitening Photos

Before Teeth Whitening Treatment

Before Treatment

After Teeth Whitening Treatment

After Treatment

Many of our patients find their teeth becoming discolored by years of drinking coffee, tea and sodas that are dark in color. The original brightness of your teeth will fade when you drink these beverages and people who smoke end up having the same problem. We at Bedford Dental Group can provide you with a solution in just an hour’s time, changing your smile from dull and lifeless looking into one positively gleaming with radiance.

This special Zoom! Technique is noted by many for its fast, brilliant results but it also has tremendous staying power. If you are over the age of thirteen years old and are not pregnant, you can take advantage of this procedure. To start, a whitening gel is applied to your teeth. Next, the Zoom! lamp activates the hydrogen peroxide in the gel and you get the benefits of this whitening process almost immediately. In the time it usually takes for a cleaning or another routine checkup, your entire mouth will be transformed into a dazzling white smile.

Every dentist at Bedford Dental is trained in the art of the Zoom! Whitening procedure and can explain to you how to keep your teeth in this sparkling white condition. Once the procedure is complete, you don’t have to get your teeth re-whitened regularly. Instead, the process is permanent from one trip to your cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. Results like this have never been seen before in whitening procedures, which is why it is steadily gaining in popularity.

Not every person who tries the Zoom! procedure will get the same results. Some patients may experience sensitivity following the procedure. However, at Bedford Dental, we stop at nothing to help our patients feel comfortable throughout their visit. We aim for entirely painless procedures and are known as the Beverly Hills Dentist that will pamper every patient so he or she feels like a star (and many of our patients are stars!).

We will be happy to inform you of all the details of this or any other procedure performed at Bedford Dental Group. Our team of professional dentists considers every visit important and we never take any form of your business for granted. Simply contact us today to arrange an appointment and we will show you how easy it is to begin showcasing your new smile to the world!

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