Emergency Dentist in Beverly Hills

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Sometimes, things just happen…you can never predict when, how, and where, but inevitably problems will arise; throwing you just of course enough to put a damper in your day. Most of the time, it’s not a problem – you power through, and do what you can to help rectify the situation. Tooth ache or pain? Call a Dentist in Beverly Hills and schedule an appointment for sometime in the upcoming week to get it checked, and then hopefully taken care of. It’s usually not an issue.

But what happens when something severe happens? Even worse, what happens when an emergency happens on a Friday night at 5PM, just as each and every dentist is closing up shop until Monday morning? Where do you turn, and what can you do other than waiting through over two painful days of discomfort?

We at Bedford Dental Group are proud to provide emergency dentistry services. Made possible in order to help you when you need something taken care of ASAP. From children taking a loose tooth into their own hands and failing miserably, to adults chewing on pens and pencils and cracking tooth the night before a big wedding day, our Dentists are only a call away, to make things right.

Like insurance, emergency dental care is something you hope you’ll never need, but in the event of something unfortunate, you sure are glad it’s available. One of the best parts about it is that anything you can receive from your Dentist in Beverly Hills during normal business hours or regularly scheduled appointments can usually be obtained in an emergency situation. Most commonly, this includes tooth extractions, root canals, lost fillings, and other services to repair chipped, cracked, or broken teeth. Tooth aches, swollen jaws, and sore gums can all be relieved with our emergency dentistry services.

It’s all about customer satisfaction and convenience and not having to worry about whether or not you’ll have to suffer until your next appointment. The more you wait to address a problem, the more you’re forced to endure unpleasant circumstances; and in the case of swelling and other abnormal reactions, there is no telling what waiting what might do in terms of worsening your state and causing permanent damage. Our emergency dentistry provides the opportunity to make and attend same-day appointments so you don’t have to concern yourself with such outcomes.

If you need immediate relief and cannot schedule an emergency visit, consider the following guidelines: Toothaches can be rinsed with warm water (several times a day) and potentially alleviated by flossing and dislodging food or other obstructions. Take an over-the-counter pain medication to help ease the pain. Lost fillings can be tended to with dental cement that can be purchased over the counter (as a temporary fix); broken teeth pieces should be saved, and a cold compress may help with the swelling and warm compress to help the pain until you are in fact able to see a dental professional. In any scenario the best option is to make time for urgent matters and know that Bedford Dental Group is always here to help!

Contact us at anytime: (310) 278-0600

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