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Whiten Your Teeth In Less Than One Hour!

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentists & The Zoom! Whitening System

Perhaps one of the most popular services that our dental office provides is teeth whitening. It is very hard to remove stains and discoloration caused by regular coffee or tea drinking, but at Bedford Dental Group we have restored countless smiles to their original brilliance through the Zoom! Whitening System.

This whitening system takes less than one hour to create permanent results-there is no need to re-whiten your teeth regularly. While some patients may experience some sensitivity during teeth whitening, our procedure is relatively painless.

The procedure involves the application of a whitening gel on the teeth. Our Zoom! lamp then activates the hydrogen peroxide in the gel, and the whitening process begins almost immediately. This groundbreaking procedure can only be done on individuals over the age of 13 who are not pregnant.

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At Bedford Dental Group, we have had the opportunity to meet the dental needs of many A-list stars and we are happy to extend our experience and superior services to the greater Los Angeles community as well. Teeth whitening is one of the fastest and most popular services offered at our office because it takes about the same amount of time as a routine checkup.

Our entire team of Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists is trained to perform the Zoom! Whitening procedure and can explain how to maintain your teeth in this sparkling white condition. Whether you visit our office for teeth whitening or for a more complicated procedure under the realm of cosmetic dentistry, we apply our 30 years of experience to each and every situation.

If you are interested in the Zoom! Whitening System at Bedford Dental Group, schedule an appointment to find out why we are the top choice for dental care by Hollywood celebrities!

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