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Why Porcelain Veneers?

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Thanks to advances in the cosmetic industry, individuals have more options than ever before to obtain the dazzling and perfect smiles they have always wanted. If you wish to perfect your smile but find Invisalign uncomfortable and want to avoid the embarrassment of wearing braces, porcelain veneers may be the best solution for you.

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Why come to us? Here are some reasons:

  • We have a history of outstanding service and unbelievable results
  • Our team has created some of the most well-known smiles
  • We offer superior, first-class oral care
  • Valet service is available
  • We offer complimentary consultations
  • Comfortable, relaxing environment
  • Gentle-touch dentistry

Our teeth are subject to normal wear and tear on a daily basis and can become stained or discolored by coffee, tea, or soda. Porcelain veneers can reverse these imperfections and give your teeth uniform whiteness, shape and smoothness, as well as provide them with extra protection. The porcelain veneer process is quick and painless and delivers long-lasting results.

How Porcelain Veneers Work

During the procedure, a thin layer of porcelain is fitted over the front of the tooth, covering the existing enamel and giving your tooth a shiny new surface. After the procedure is done, you will show off a gleaming layer of white porcelain rather than the imperfections underneath. There is no drilling or pain involved and the procedure can be done on as many teeth as you wish. To create the most perfect and natural look, the color of the porcelain veneers will be made to match the rest of your teeth.

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As Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists at Bedford Dental Group, we have honed our cosmetic dentistry skills over the past 30 years. We wish to provide all of our clients, including our regular celebrity clientele, with superior dental services that encompass general and cosmetic dentistry. We are sensitive to the needs of our clients, especially those who harbor fears about visiting the dentist, and we aim to create a positive and comfortable environment every single time.

To learn more about porcelain veneers and whether or not it is the right cosmetic alternative for you, please contact our Beverly Hills office for a complimentary consultation.

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